webinar SERIES part THREE:


Learn the secret Ops Boss® super powers to take your business to the next level.

with Christy Belt Grossman, Stephanie Brackett & Dan Stewart

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If you've ever struggled to leverage processes, people or systems this session reoplay is for you. You'll learn:

How to know when it's time to hire an assistant

Do you hire part-time or full-time? When is the right time? Take the guess work out of the process and find the indicators in your business you need to watch. 

How to hire the right one and HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE

Slow to hire, quick to fire but ideally you get it right the first time. Learn how to identify the right one and how to get things done - together.

The difference between a mere assistant and a true OPS BOSS®

There is a difference, once you understand you'll never hire an assistant again, only an OPS BOSS®.

How to take everything in your business to the NEXT LEVEL

When you learn to leverage the people, things and processes your life gets better and your business get bigger. Break through the block and build!

Christy Belt Grossman

Founder, Ops Boss® Coaching | Ops Unicorn

Christy Belt Grossman is the CEO & Founder of Ops Boss® Coaching – the country’s premier resource for coaching & education for those on the administrative side of real estate. She’s also known as the Billion Dollar Ops Boss® because of 23 years of experience as former COO of one of the nation’s first real estate teams with over $1 Billion in sales. A self-proclaimed geek at heart, Christy is the creator of the “BE A BOSS” class series which over 5,000 have attended, has written for Inman News, and has been a featured panelist at Inman Connect. She loves pink, Paris, and profitability. Her motto is, “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”

Stephanie Brackett

Coach and Certified BE A BOSS Trainer | Ops Boss® Coaching

Stephanie Brackett is a Coach and Certified Ops Boss® Trainer. Her favorite class to teach is “Systems Are Sexy." Steph is also the Chief Operating Officer of The Anderson Hicks Group in Idaho Falls, ID (the #28 Real Trend team nationwide across all brokerages). AHG served more than 700 families in 2021. Stephanie specializes in system development & implementation. She's affectionately known around the country as the “Systems Queen” and is especially passionate about elevating the administrative roles in real estate. Not only does Stephanie have a deep background in real estate operations, she has also been a business owner and corporate trainer, both of which give her unique insights to share when coaching and training. Her family is her "Big Why."

Dan Stewart

Founder & CEO | Happy Grasshopper

Like far too many people, Dan grew up in an environment he didn't like. Although his parents tried, their struggles with alcoholism often left them incapable of providing a stable upbringing. He knows, for certain, that he only gets to be who he is because of the countless people who showed up in life exactly when he needed them. Today, he's living his purpose of connecting the world in conversation, from a small horse farm near Tampa.