The healthy Database Checklist

Grab this FREE checklist to discover how you can maximize engagement with your database while increasing your ability to get referrals. And WITHOUT spending more time on social media!

In this checklist, we reveal:

  • The biggest database mistakes that are actually a complete WASTE of time (and what to do instead). 
  • What no one has told you about how to follow-up effectively (all the mainstream information about this is DEAD WRONG).
  • The exclusive "Healthy Database Checklist" quick-fixes that you can apply immediately.

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Can Happy Grasshopper help you?

The answer is "Yes" if...

  • You believe building relationships is an important part of growing your business

Even if...

  • Your database isn't well organized
  • You've struggled to adopt new programs in the past
  • You already have another CRM system in place

And especially if...

  • You're ready to break through to the next phase of growth
  • You understand that conversations lead to closings
  • You're tired of losing opportunity because you didn't do a great job of keeping in touch