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Learn to put away the frustration and guilt of performing below your expectations.

With Dr. Mary Meduna-Gross & Dan Stewart

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Four Steps to Smash Through ANY Growth Plateau:

Become 100% Responsible for our Experiences 

Whatever happens in our lives, we decide what it means. By learning to accept this responsibility, we embrace our authority to create a more empowering reality. 

Know What we want

It's easy to be trapped by the expectations of others. In fact, most of us are. We spend our lives perpetually unfulfilled because we've become disconnected from our purpose. 

Believe in our worthiness and capability

Far too often, we allow doubt, fear, and uncertainty to douse our dreams. Living an extraordinary life is impossible without first learning to believe in ourselves and others.

Be willing to endure discomfort until we breakthrough

We can do hard things... and yet we often retract from even the slightest discomfort. Through expecting and then actively embracing our growing pains, we reset our appetites for achievement.

Join Dr. Mary Meduna-Gross and Dan Stewart for the first of a free, three-part webinar series focused on igniting your growth. In part one, we'll acquire the skills to break through our internal barriers. In part two, we'll focus on taking massive action and getting stuff done. In part three, it's all about the systems and processes we need to support our growth.

Dr. Mary Meduna-Gross

Mindset Coach | Break-through Leadership | MMG Coaching

Dr. Mary Meduna-Gross is on a lifelong mission to help others reach their full potential. During her career as a special education leader, Dr. Mary became nationally respected for her ability to help even the most challenged students manage their emotions and believe in their ability to succeed.

Along the way, she learned to quiet her own personally imposed subconscious limitations and began coaching others to do the same. Today, she works with many top producing real estate agents and business owners (including Dan!). 

Dan Stewart

Founder & CEO | Happy Grasshopper

Like far too many people, Dan grew up in an environment he didn't like. Although his parents tried, their struggles with alcoholism often left them incapable of providing a stable upbringing. He knows, for certain, that he only gets to be who he is because of the countless people who showed up in life exactly when he needed them. Today, he's living his purpose of connecting the world in conversation, from a small horse farm near Tampa.