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Nik Nik on Do This, Not That

Become Part of the Conversation – You need to be where the conversations are taking place, having conversations – NOT… Broadcasting Challenge – Next time you are on Facebook, pick 3 people you want to stay top of mind with and comment on their posts.​​ Become an effective mobile agent – NOT… Tied to your desk Challenge – If you are waiting for […]

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Jeff Lobb – Go Mobile or Go Home

Jeff is the VP of technology for Exit Realty. (Today’s agent needs data on demand, where you stand.  If you can’t get your clients the information they need now, they have access to get it somewhere else.)  Technology will not replace the way you do business, real estate is still a people business. The number […]

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Media Catalyst – Adam Brown

Today’s consumers are multi-media, multi-taskers. You need to be able to reach people across multiple platforms. “85% of all online traffic comes from an offline source.” — Google uses direct mail to advertise — think you should? An integrated strategy makes more sense than just online advertising.  You can learn more about how agents are doing […]

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Jeff Turner – Who is Succeeding and Why?

Crazy fact – “In local search Yellow Pages is still the #1 used tool!”  Here is what is working for some other top agents: Using Facebook – Heather Elias (@locomusings) markets her Facebook page as her name.  All she does on Facebook is mimic the content she puts out on her blog.  Her blog content is […]

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Steven Pacinelli – What is your online reputation?

91% of people believe peer reviews – Nielsen Research People are searching for reviews online and picking the people they do business with because of it.  These are sites that are already ranking you. Example – (it appears first on Google for Real Estate Agent Reviews) The Good – an […]

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Mobile Communication Methods

Sorry stepped away for the break, got back late so this is brief but here goes — Text Messaging – Provides a simple way for buyers to contact you for more information on a property.  Allows you to capture leads more effectively than flyers. One Code – The source for QR codes.  Make sure that you link […]

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Stephen Schweickart on Video Optimization of Real Estate

(Stephen Schweickart is the co-founder and CEO of VScreen, the nation’s leading video services company within the Real Estate industry.) Over 50% of all internet traffic is Video. Video is 53 times more likely to rank you on the first page of google than any other content. Most people think of video in the terms […]

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