Unlock your CRM's potential 

Create more conversations. Build relationships. Close more deals.   Happy Grasshopper is a CRM-Optimization platform that helps you get more juice out of any CRM or contact database. 

37+ Million

Contacts Nurtured

1+ Billion

Reference Data Points


12-Month Guarantee

2X Smart Investment Guarantee

The 2X Smart Investment Guarantee promises you that you will get a return of at least double your investment in the Happy Grasshopper in GCI directly generated from opportunities we uncover in the first 12 months — guaranteed.

Fully Personalized

Our CRM-Optimization messaging plans are fully personalized to you, your market, and how you work by our expert writing staff. 

200% ROI Guarantee

We guarantee you'll see a 2X return on your investment in Happy Grasshopper within 12 months or your your money back.  Simple as that. 

Guaranteed Transactions

You can let Happy Grasshopper run on autopilot, but with just 10 minutes a week, our members often see a 10X ROI with our coaching playbook.

"Traditional CRMs are essential for managing customer data and interactions, Happy Grasshopper is an essential enhancement to your CRM or contact database that optimizes communication and helps build the relationships that lead to more transactions"


Every agent has a CRM and only a few get the most out of it.

Happy Grasshopper integrates with your current CRM with a combination of technology and expert human-curation and coaching will help you get the value out of your CRM's contact database like no other product or service.  We send the right message, to the right person, at the right time, through the right delivery method that are proven to connect and spark conversations that lead to transactions. 

Happy Grasshopper is the world leader in CRM Optimization!

Here's how it works:

We create new opportunities from any CRM or contact database

Simply connect your CRM contacts (or even a spreadsheet) and Happy Grasshopper connects you with the opportunities you’re currently missing.

We use a proprietary combination of combination of human curation, AI, and messaging automation that CRMs wish they had.

There’s no catch! Happy Grasshopper has been successfully helping agents get the most out of their databases for 14 years with a 2x ROI Guarantee and a 100% success rate.

1. We do what CRMs don’t, to maximize responses!

We optimize your CRM's potential with our unique approach. We blend your CRM's customer databases with the expertise of our writers and data scientists to craft compelling, relevant messaging. Utilizing over a billion data points, we ensure the right message reaches the right person at the right time, significantly increasing response rates. Experience a new level of engagement and marketing success, subtly and effectively.

2. Our coaches and writers build your personalized plan. 
Then we automate it and keep it fresh.

Based on you and your business, our success coaches and in-house human writing staff craft a holistic messaging plan to personalize your content to sound like you and be relevant to your business and market. Then we we automate it for you using 6 messaging platforms and up to 41 touches per year.

The goal? Get the right message in front of the right person at the right time to create new conversations and transaction opportunities.

3. You have activated the most
sophisticated CRM-optimization system.

We’ve built the world’s most advanced CRM-Optimization
platform on the planet so you can squeeze every drop of benefit from your existing CRM databases. We work with every major CRM. Our in-house writers write our own proprietary custom, topical and relevant messaging updated with new content every 2 weeks! 

You think your CRM does what we do? Do they guarantee a 2x return on what you pay them? Don’t think so. It’s because we do what they don’t. 

You finally get the juice out of your contact databases you’ve always wanted!

Woohoo! Finally, you won’t have to wonder why those other agents get all the business and you don’t.

Happy Grasshopper uses its 14 years of experience in agent-to-consumer messaging and over 1 billion data points to send the best message at the best time to your contacts, regardless whether they are a web lead, a referral, past client, or your Mom. 

Happy Grasshopper is not a CRM.
It makes your CRM  database better.

Happy Grasshopper is very different from traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in several key ways, focusing on enhancing and optimizing a few key CRM functions with a combination of technology and human experts rather than simply managing customer relationships.

Here are the main differences:

Purpose & Functionality

CRMs are designed to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. They help businesses streamline processes, manage contacts, sales, and customer support, and store information about customers and potential customers.

Happy Grasshopper is a CRM-Optimization platform. It works alongside a CRM or any customer database to enhance its effectiveness, particularly in the areas of communication and relationship building to drive conversations that lead to transactions.

Messaging & Communication

Traditional CRMs often include tools for communication, but these are typically standard, generic, and provide a low ROI.

Happy Grasshopper specializes in creating personalized, engaging messaging using a combination of human curation, AI, the HG technology platform and data. This approach is designed to improve the quality of interactions with clients and leads, making them more personal and effective.

Human Curation & AI Integration

Most CRMs offer some level of automation and data analysis, but they may not integrate AI and human curation to the same extent.

Happy Grasshopper uniquely combines AI with human expertise to craft messages that resonate more effectively with recipients. This blend of technology and human touch is designed to create more authentic and effective communication.

Focus on Relationship Building

While CRMs manage relationships, they often focus more on the organizational and data aspects.

Happy Grasshopper emphasizes building stronger, more authentic relationships through tailored communication strategies. Its approach is geared towards driving meaningful conversations that lead to successful business dealings.

Scalability & Customization

CRMs can sometimes be limited in terms of scalability and customization in the area of communication.

Happy Grasshopper offers scalable, customized communication plans that are tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of each business’s customer base, enhancing the CRM’s existing capabilities.

Time & Effort

Maintaining consistent engagement with contacts through a CRM often requires regular input and monitoring. Traditional CRMs often require significant time and effort for setup, customization, and data entry. Users must learn how to navigate various features and input data correctly.

Happy Grasshopper helps maintain consistent engagement with minimal effort, using automated yet personalized messaging strategies that keep interactions alive and productive. With just 10 minutes of focus each week working with our coaches, our agents can see a 10X ROI on their Happy Grasshopper investment!

 Traditional CRMs are essential for managing customer data and interactions, Happy Grasshopper complements these systems by focusing on optimizing communication and relationship-building aspects, using a unique mix of AI, technology, data science, human expertise, and personalized strategies to drive conversations that lead to deals.

It's time to upgrade your approach! Integrate Happy Grasshopper with your CRM and stop losing deals to generic messaging and other agents using Happy Grasshopper!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Happy Grasshopper different?

Happy Grasshopper stands apart from traditional CRMs by specializing in CRM messaging optimization rather than just managing customer relationships. It enhances existing CRM systems with a unique blend of human curation, AI-driven insights, and automated communication strategies, focusing on crafting personalized and effective messaging. This approach not only streamlines the communication process but also strengthens customer relationships by delivering more authentic and engaging interactions. Unlike standard CRMs that primarily store and manage data, Happy Grasshopper actively works to maximize the potential of that data, transforming it into meaningful conversations that drive business growth and improve return on investment.

Who is Happy Grasshopper for?

Happy Grasshopper is ideally suited for real estate and mortgage professionals (including agents, teams, and brokers), who seek to enhance their customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. It's designed for those who want to go beyond the basic functionalities of a standard CRM, offering a more personalized and effective approach to client communication. By combining AI, human curation, and automated messaging, Happy Grasshopper is particularly beneficial for professionals aiming to build stronger, more authentic relationships with their clients and leads. This platform is a perfect fit for individuals in the real estate industry looking to increase their engagement, improve their lead conversion rates, and ultimately close more deals through optimized and targeted communication strategies.

Happy Grasshopper is not only an effective tool for real estate agents in managing client relationships but also a powerful resource for teams and brokers in recruiting agents. Its sophisticated blend of AI, human curation, and automated messaging makes it highly successful in engaging potential recruits, conveying the unique value and culture of a team or brokerage. This dual functionality of nurturing client relationships and effectively attracting top talent underscores Happy Grasshopper's versatility and success in the real estate industry.

What does Happy Grasshopper actually do?

Happy Grasshopper is a tool that helps real estate agents and teams communicate better with their clients and potential agents. It uses a mix of smart technology and human input to create messages that are more personal and effective. This helps in building stronger relationships and can lead to more successful business deals. It's like having an assistant who knows exactly what to say and when to say it, making the communication part of the job easier, more effective, and more automated.

How many CRMs or lead sources can I have?

Happy Grasshopper is designed to be highly versatile and adaptable, allowing you to integrate multiple lead sources. There isn't a specific limit to the number of lead sources you can input into the platform. This flexibility enables you to consolidate leads from various channels, such as your CRM, website, social media, email campaigns, referral networks, real estate listing sites, and more, into one centralized platform for more efficient management and communication.

Is Happy Grasshopper just for the real estate industry?

Happy Grasshopper started primarily with a focus on the real estate industry, catering to the specific needs of real estate agents, brokers, and teams. Its specialized approach in creating personalized and effective communication strategies made it particularly suitable for real estate professionals looking to enhance their client relationships and improve lead conversion rates.

However, the principles of effective communication and relationship management that Happy Grasshopper employs can be applicable to a variety of industries and we serve over 40 different industries. Businesses in other sectors that value personalized, engaging, and automated client communication also benefit from Happy Grasshopper.

What does it cost?

To get the most accurate and current pricing information for your needs, click this link to set up a time to talk to our team. They can provide detailed pricing based on your specific needs.

How do I get started?

We put a lot of time and effort into getting every new customer up to speed and onboarded as fast as possible. It doesn't happen overnight. This is why it works so well... Here's how we get you started and on your way! 

Step 1: Consultation
Meet with a database marketing expert and learn what's possible.
- Discuss your goals, timeline, and budget with us.
Expect to feel a sense of relief by the end of this call!

Step 2: Tech Call
In this call, you'll meet your Success Coach, whose only role is to help you succeed.
They'll help you with:
- Contact Import
- Automation
- Database Cleanup

Step 3: Review
Our writing staff will assemble exactly the right content for your needs and make it fit you perfectly.
- We'll get to know your business on a personal level
- Provide real-time feedback

Step 4:  Launch
In this half an hour call, you'll become familiar with exactly how our system works.
- We'll set up your targeted campaigns
- Fine-tune your system to fit your needs

Industry Insiders Recognize The Power of Happy Grasshopper

"Innovative and Impactful Technology"

Happy Grasshopper was announced as a 2023 Tech100 Real Estate Winner – "From home search to lead management solutions, and remote closing to transaction management software. These companies are leading the way toward a more innovative and efficient housing market and bringing to market solutions that we could have only imagined a decade ago."

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Highest Rated Real Estate Tech - 5 Stars

"Happy Grasshopper is a really terrific sales tool, agents who work with this company will find that what they teach you is almost more valuable than how they execute on their promise. They understand sales, and how to engage curiosity without satiating it. In other words, they give the recipient something of value, and promise more is on the way."

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"This help can be a game changer"

"Happy Grasshopper specializes in automated messaging in the real estate world, from emails and text messages to handwritten cards. The best thing about Happy Grasshopper is the professional writers hired to create content that you can use in your communications."

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Best Real Estate Marketing Of 2023

"Happy Grasshopper ensures that your messaging and marketing strategies emulate your own voice. While you can still enjoy email automation, you’ll have the customization options to tailor your messages to your liking. It provides affordable fast results and works well with other tools"

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Leading Agents Use The Power of Happy Grasshopper

Gary Ashton

RE/MAX Advantage


"My team’s volume grew from $184M to $236M. Happy Grasshopper was a huge part of that growth. We have leads that are completely unresponsive, then suddenly they reply to one of our Happy Grasshopper emails."

Kris Lindahl

Kris Lindahl Real Estate


"Real estate has always been a people business, but technology can make it feel robotic. With Happy Grasshopper, I get the best parts of automation, and I get to showcase my personality. It's great for making real human connections."

Tom Catlin

Keller Williams Austin


"From getting silence to getting responses. They'd write back and tell me what I'd sent was funny and, best of all, that it sounded like me. That's what I really enjoy."

Ryan Tollefson

Unity Home Group


"I was aware of Happy Grasshopper for years, but didn't think we needed it.  Now I know, I should have done this years ago."