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Sr. Director, Sales | Top Producer Software
Dan Stewart | CEO | Happy Grasshopper

TOP Producer + Happy Grasshopper

with Keith Hockin of Top Producer and Dan Stewart of Happy Grasshopper

Why is it so hard to get leads to respond?

Signal vs. Noise

Just like you, your prospects are overwhelmed with messaging today. To get a response, you must send messaging that sets you apart from your competition. This session will show you how to implement follow-up that cuts through the noise and gets leads to call you.

Systematic Experience

In business, consistency equals professionalism and automation promises consistency– but what should be automated? What are the pitfalls? And how can you give yourself the best opportunity to convert more leads? We'll teach you the two things you MUST do before automating your follow-up.

Mechanics + Message

These are the two levers that control your results. While technology (the 'mechanics') has made it easier than ever to send lead conversion campaigns, it's the QUALITY of your message that makes the biggest difference. Join us to learn today's best practices.

Competition vs. Collaboration

Why are Happy Grasshopper and Top Producer hosting this session together? Because we believe helping real estate professionals win is our highest purpose. Keith and Dan have over 30 years combined experience serving the industry. This is a don't miss session! 

Keith Hockin

Sr. Director, Sales | Top Producer Software

In his tenure at Top Producer and, which has spanned 20+ years, Keith has honed his skills in advertising, digital media, and technology to serve the company's clientele and build long-lasting relationships that lead to customer success. As Top Producer’s Sr. Director, Sales, Keith has delivered presentations to thousands of real estate agents on the benefits of sales automation and online marketing. He has the ability to help any real estate professional grow their business by leveraging next-gen techniques and best practices.

Dan Stewart

Founder & CEO | Happy Grasshopper

Dan founded Happy Grasshopper in 2011 after exiting his previous company. He's a serial entrepreneur, 4-time Inc. 500 | 5,000 entrepreneur, international speaker, and co-author of the soon to be released book Your Brokerage is a Leaky Bucket. At Happy Grasshopper, Dan leads his team in creating and delivering highly effective content strategies. He lives on a small horse farm near Tampa with his wife, kids, dogs, cats, chickens, and horses. Life is good!