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Why Happy Grasshopper CEO Dan Stewart is so chill

"Whatever we want to achieve in business, it’s most easily achieved through relationship. Relationships only really live in one place and that’s conversation. And conversations lead to closings." - Dan Stewart


Optimizing Your CRM for 2024: Get Ahead of the FCC Changes

"Real estate agents who are early to adapt to these FCC changes will position their businesses to excel in a more relationship-driven environment, paving the way for long-term success in the industry."

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Happy Grasshopper Announced as one of 2024 Housing Wire's Tech 100 Real Estate Winners

"Happy Grasshopper has helped more than 12,000 members craft and deliver high-impact campaigns with emphasis on recruitment, lead conversion and past client and sphere nurturing for agents, teams, brokerages and brands."


Happy Grasshopper launches new 1-year consulting program

"The year-long program includes one-on-one consultations with team members to assess campaign tactics, review metrics and generate ideas.."

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How to empower agents and grow your brand in the wake of commission lawsuits

"Crafting content and communication strategy that acknowledges their insecurities can pave the way for agent recruitment and business growth."


12 Real Estate Tools Entrepreneurs Should Be Familiar With

"The best thing about Happy Grasshopper is the professional writers hired to create content that you can use in your communications. As an entrepreneur looking to invest on the side, having this help can be a game changer."


Sitzer litigation: What agents need to hear from you now

"The way you communicate with clients and agents right now will set you up for success as buyer commission litigation continues to unwind."

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Happy Grasshopper, Real Estates #1 Marketing Solution

"Happy Grasshopper exists to connect the world in conversation and to be the most passionately referred service in the industry. They grow agent headcount, production, or both!"

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The 8 Best Real Estate Marketing Companies to Boost Your Business in 2024

Happy Grasshopper is a solid platform for sending content and monitoring results. It’s worth investigating, but it’s likely it will work well with whatever systems you’re using for lead generation, capture, and nurturing. 


Happier email is a cinch with Happy Grasshopper: Tech Review

"This is messaging software that goes beyond the fundamental metrics of open rates and click-throughs to determine what resonates with recipients and how that content leads to stronger relationships"

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The 4 Estate Postcard Companies in 2024

"Happy Grasshopper Pros
- Done-for-you handwritten letter marketing
- Works well with other tools
- Affordable fast results"

Grade: A"


Happy Grasshopper eyes closing gift fix with Marigold & Grey

Happy Grasshopper, a content marketing solution, is adding gift-giving to its services thanks to a partnership with Maryland-based Marigold & Grey, a full-service artisan gifting company

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Announcing the 2023 Tech 100
Real Estate Winners

Happy Grasshopper was featured as one of "the most innovative and impactful technology companies serving the real estate economy"


Reach out and touch base with a 2023 email marketing plan

"We're advising our customers to lean into this market condition, extend their leadership into the void" - Happy Grasshopper CEO, Dan Stewart


From Agently to ZenList, the best-reviewed real estate tech of 2022

"This is messaging software that goes beyond the fundamental metrics of open rates and click-throughs to determine what resonates with recipients and how that content leads to stronger relationships."