How Happy Grasshopper Ruined This Agent's Christmas

With just one email!

Brenda Pieper has a lot of great experience to share with her real estate clients, and it keeps her busy. That's why she hadn’t uploaded contacts into her custom lead conversion campaign, even though it was ready for her to use.

A week before Christmas, she was getting ready to close her doors for the holiday and thought, “I’ll upload contacts as my last task before I begin my break.

She didn’t realize that her email campaign had automatically activated until her email began pinging her, flooding with responses — some from leads that were well over a year old.

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“My holiday wasn’t as relaxing as I had hoped, thanks to you guys,” Brenda said.

One email response came from an 18-month-old lead, stating, “I can’t believe it. Just last night my kids came home from college. As we talked, we realized it really was time to finally sell my house. Thank you for reaching out to me.”

Brenda’s holiday was then occupied with a listing appointment and taking the next steps to prepare the home for sale.

“It’s interesting how you never know when someone will be ready to buy or sell a home. I don’t even remember meeting this woman, but I guess we exchanged information in line at a Starbucks. This message just happened to reach her at the perfect moment when she was ready.”

Like many real estate agents, Brenda was afraid of offending her old leads, and she didn’t want to fill her inbox with angry replies. While she did receive one or two messages asking who she was and how she had their contact info, most responses were very kind, thanking her for thinking of them.

Others said they were moving, but not in her town. She was able to refer them to great agents in other areas who would serve them well — fostering relationships and reciprocity with the customer and her colleagues.

A few responses also said things like, “We’re looking to buy a new home sometime this year. Thanks for reaching out.” She was able to move them into the nurturing phase of her lead conversion campaign, so she can stay top-of-mind and build a relationship with them until they’re ready to move.

This isn’t the only great Happy Grasshopper success story we’ve had recently — just one of many. Brenda is so kind to allow us to share her story, and we’d like to create a similar one for you too. If you’d like to find the people in your database who are ready to hand you their business, we’re excited to help you.

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