Terms and Conditions for "Guaranteed Transactions"

January 21, 2024

Every hgPRO™ and hgPLATFORM™ account includes access to coaching, either delivered one-on-one via a scheduled call with your Success Coach, or via recording inside the Academies section of your account. The recorded sessions are available to you 24 hours a day and are updated periodically throughout the year.

"What to Say Now" topics are short-form, actionable lessons designed to help you achieve a specific result.

"Leadership on Tap" is a podcast style recording of conversations between Happy Grasshopper CEO, Dan Stewart, and Dr. Mary Meduna-Gross, who is a leadership expert at Plena Vita.

"Webinars" is a collection of longer-form content to help you build the business of your dreams. Many of them are hosted by the Founder and CEO of Happy Grasshopper, who has founded 7 companies, and is frequently featured at real estate events across the US and Canada.

If there's an area of your business that needs support, it's likely we can help. You can request a special session with your Success Coach at anytime via their calendar link. If there's a topic you'd suggest for a class, please let us know via email to [email protected].