Five Ways to WIN More Listings, Sell Property Faster, and MAX Your GCI

Two Grizzled Veterans Share Their Secrets

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What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Who makes it in real estate and why

The simple truth is that every single one of us has total control of our own destiny. Learn what sets the best apart from the rest. We'll give you a peek behind the curtain, as industry veterans we're ready to share what we know works and how you can make those secrets work for you. 

What THE BEST consistently do that you’re probably not

Find your control and your authority to unleash your potential and make it your reality. Kosha will share her secrets that helped her own her market, and how she helps agents and brokers just like you do that now, consistently.

Win Every Listing Opp and Dominate your Market

Find out how to win more listings, sell properties faster and make your clients extremely happy with a simple process which we will help you master. Learn the secret to own your market and command the inventory. Win every listing and sell those listings faster.

Data Diamonds: How As Few As 100 Contacts Can Bring 12 Transactions Per Year

Over the past decade, Happy Grasshopper has delivered hundreds of millions of messages. The data is in and the news is great– you DO NOT have spend a fortune on leads and systems to build a fantastic career in real estate.

Kosha Brown

Director of Business Development | BoxBrownie.com

Kosha is responsible for client relationship management in North America. Kosha is an integral part of a select team who speak and travel around the country coaching thousands of real estate professionals be more successful. Utilizing her knowledge in the industry - as well as her passion for marketing and technology, agents and brokers can increase their marketing exposure and capture more potential clients.

Dan Stewart

Founder & CEO | Happy Grasshopper

After exiting his previous software company, Dan founded Happy Grasshopper in 2011, where he's focused on helping real estate professionals do just three things: 1) Generate new business from past clients and sphere 2) Convert leads and 3) Attract and recruit talent to their organizations.