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At Happy Grasshopper, we’ve founded our business on the idea that “canned” email follow-up doesn’t work. The magic lies in personal, conversational messages from one human being to another.

Some of our users who purchased custom content to follow up with all of their new leads were concerned when they received a list of Automatic Responses as part of their custom content. The purpose of this post is to show why we include them and when they’re a great tool for you.

While we advise against dropping your leads into a prefabricated campaign, asking them over and over if they’re ready to use your services, we do recognize there’s a time and place when quick, simple, and straightforward responses enhance the authentic experience you want to give to your leads.

First — What is an Automatic Response?

When a lead is captured through an online source, an Automatic Response sends an immediate message confirming you’ve received their information and inquiry. It arrives in the lead’s inbox within minutes of their request for information. These types of messages are also referred to as Autoresponders and Auto-Responses.

Second — When do your leads want an Automatic Response?

When someone contacts you, they want to know their message went through, but they don’t expect a personal note explaining the ins and outs of your service to arrive three minutes later. Instead, a straightforward automatic response establishes the connection you need.

Something simple along the lines of, “Thank you for reaching out to me today. I’m confirming I have received your request and will be reaching out shortly — do you prefer that I email, call, or text you?” is all you need. Even though new leads may perceive that the first message is automated, they wouldn’t expect anything else at this stage in your communication.

It’s the same as meeting someone new, in-person. When you begin the conversation, you never dive straight into, “I’ll fight to protect your interests, get you the best deal possible, and give better service than any other real estate agent in the area” before learning if they’re even interested. Instead, you’d start a conversation.

Finally – Taking the Next Steps

By taking this approach, you grab every new lead, regardless of their situation, and you can easily segue into deeper conversations about their needs and how you can meet them.

If you would like a custom strategy session with an email specialist give us a call. You’ll learn exactly how to place automatic responses that lead into personal conversations that drive more sales.

Bonus: If you’re a REALTOR®, click here to see examples of automatic responses for your different lead sources.

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