How to Get the Best Open and Reply Rates on Your Emails

Send messaging to the right audience in the most effective way possible.

It can seem like a weird, weird world out there these days, but people still need places to live. You know the drill – being a real estate agent never stops, even during times of change and transition. We might be doing things differently in many ways, but some things need to remain constant, like our email campaigns and communication with our database.

No matter how fast housing market trends are changing or how much uncertainty prevails, you can get a grip on your real estate business.

Where To Start

I always said I was going to organize my database, update my contacts, and set it all up to send my email campaigns to the right audience with the appropriate message. I spent 5 years making myself the same promise over and over. I never did it. I procrastinated in any way I could to not do it or, when I did, it took me too long and I wasn’t focused on it.

If you are like me (and most agents), you’ve got a variety of contacts in your database. Let’s list a few: sphere of influence, friends, past clients, leads, active clients, the “mets”, and you can’t forget the vendors you’ve worked with. You have to know who they are to categorize them and understand what kind of message you will send to each. You have to send the right messages to the right people; I know this because, in the past, I wasn’t doing it right and it mattered. What’s my point? I want you to send the right email to the right audience in the most effective way possible, and to get the best open and reply rates.
Let’s face it. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to email campaigns. You have to make sure you are sending at the right time, from the right email domain, with the right message to the right audience. 

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Keep it short, sweet and to the point

People no longer begin reading – they scan first to determine if it is something that is worth their time. You want to make your point quickly. Keep your paragraphs short and to the point. Less is more when it comes to email messages. Make them clear, use numbering or bullet points, and make it obvious what you are conveying.


Send Targeted and Personalized Messages

You want people to read your email and feel as though it was written just for them – not for 500 people – and aimed at their interests. This is EASY! Happy Grasshopper has a team of ninja content writers to help you hone in on the right messages.

The magic number is 3

Various scientific studies done in the fields of marketing and psychology have shown that people are more agreeable to options when they are presented with three choices. Three seems to be a reasonable number to select from when presented with multiple options. When you hit 4 or higher, a reader will become more skeptical. There are several ways to use the Rule of 3 in your emails: Include the number 3 in the subject line, use 3 paragraphs in your message body, and use 3 bullet points, just to name a few. When presented with a subject like “3 Quick Ways to get what you want” people are typically willing to take the time to read 3 quick things. So, your email is opened and read – mission accomplished.

Timing is nothing … and everything.

When you send your message matters. If you are sending emails on a Sunday night at 9 pm, you can expect to get buried in the Monday morning inbox. You have to think strategically about who your intended recipient is and what their schedule might be.

Inject Humor to Grab Attention

Utilize a touch of humor to captivate readers and shift their mood, making your email more memorable and increasing the chances of a response. Humor can be a powerful tool to create a lasting impression and forge a deeper connection with your audience. Add a touch of fun and lightheartedness to your campaigns.

Personalize with Their Name

If you want your message to be personal, make it personalized. Consider using their first name in the subject line if you can, and in the body of the message if possible. Give them a reason to really believe it is a personal message and not just sent to a large mailing list. For bonus points, close the email by using their name, like “I hope to hear from you soon, Sean – just reach out if you need anything, anytime.”

Get Your Audience Engaged!

Give your audience a reason to act. Ask a question or seek an opinion. People enjoy sharing their views, so why not ask? But don’t make it open-ended. Give a simple choice between two things, or perhaps three (see what I did there?).

For instance, it’s the age-old summer debate between iced tea and sweet tea. Which do you prefer?”
Questions set you up for one thing: an engaged audience that is primed to have a conversation with you. Your goal in all of these email messages and the tips related to them is to make a connection with your audience that matters to them. You want them to feel comfortable with you and to trust your expertise and your insight. You want them to rely upon you when they need your services. It takes a delicate mix of messaging with the right message at the right time. 

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