Being a Real Estate Agent isn’t Always Easy—Why We Do It

Realtor follow-up matters no matter what form of media or channel you are using to communicate

We do it because we love helping people. It’s that simple.In this week’s blog post we focused on tips to help home buyers navigate the real estate transaction. Those tips included useful information for any consumer—whether buyer or seller— to assist them in navigating the early stages of the process. Being a real estate agent […]

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1 Top Rules for Home Buyers Working with Real Estate Agents

Follow-up techniques that work are important for a realtor, get the best ones by saying yes to happy grasshopper

The Home Buyer and Real Estate Agent: The A-Team.If you’re planning to buy a house, engaging a real estate agent (also known as a buyers agent) is a smart choice. With luck, it’ll put you in the home of your dreams quickly—and for a better price than if you undertook the process without representation. It’s […]

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1 Top 10 Essential Follow-Up Techniques for REALTOR®️’s

Follow-up with your audience when your emails are being read your open rate will tell you

The Need for effective REALTOR®️  Follow-Up Techniques Picture this: A REALTOR®️ and a potential homebuyer interact. The real estate agent, who is also a REALTOR®️,  has a good feeling about the possibilities, and yet, somehow, the sale just doesn’t happen. Not only was there an immediate loss of revenue, but now, that individual will never be […]

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2 Real Estate Marketing: Email Marketing Tips and Templates

email marketing is an essential component of real estate marketing

Real Estate Marketing Through Email Is Essential Today, virtually everyone communicates via email. Email marketing is an essential component of real estate marketing. Autoresponders, behavior-triggered email, videos, and email newsletters only enhance its usefulness. The catch is that it’s all too easy for a REALTOR’s email marketing to land in the recipient’s spam folder. You […]

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1 Real Estate Marketing: 12 Great Ideas

Most Real estate buyers begin their search online

Every REALTOR Needs Real Estate Marketing Every real estate agent wants to grow his or her business, and in theory, it should be easy enough. In 2018, the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) reported that 87% of homebuyers went through a real estate agent to purchase their homes. So it goes, nearly, without saying that […]

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1 How Better Lead Response Will Help You Sell More

get happy with your email marketing and sales leads when you choose happy grasshopper for 667% better content

If your open rate were 667% higher than your competitor, do you think you’d sell more? We do. A key metric most real estate agents use to determine if their marketing efforts are effective is the response or “closings” they get. At Happy Grasshopper, we know that is your goal, and we are laser-focused on helping […]

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2 Learn the Secret to Great Blog Content Creation

Learn the Secret to Great Blog Content Creation

The 3 F’s of Real Estate Blog Content Creation If “content is king“, then content creation is the King Mother. Without quality content, you might as well not have any content at all. The secret to great blog content creation, no matter what industry you are working in, is to follow the Rule of Three […]

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1 You Can Resurrect Your Dead Database

 By: Maya Paveza, REALTOR, Associate Broker (Delaware) & Licensed Salesperson (Pennsylvania), Content Strategist/Writer at Happy Grasshopper.  Many years ago, I found myself staring longingly at my computer screen, while my nearly lifeless database glared back at me. It was once a bright, active database, pulsing with new business opportunities. Now, all those years of work detailing my […]

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What’s The Most Popular Real Estate CRM?

Looking at the pros and cons of 6 of the most popular real estate CRM Softwares If you are looking for the best real estate crm tools you have come to the right place. It wasn’t terribly long ago when a Customer Relationship Management (CRM system consisted of a Rolodex, a calendar and a telephone. […]

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2 How to Create the Very Best Generic Autoreply Emails

If you think automatic generic response emails can’t increase sales, think again! Considering every sale begins with a lead, it’s amazing how many companies let leads slip right through their fingers. Why not tackle them with automated generic response emails? You can! Let’s face it: Lead generation is hard…and/or expensive. If you’re doing lead gen […]

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