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Webinar Replay: Maximize Your Database

Happy Grasshopper is on SALE now >> CLICK HERE to find out if HG is right for you!We know you probably don’t have an hour; these 5 clip notes will get you right to the good stuff:  12:00……The most critical thing Ben thinks you should be doing for your business. 23:38……The number one concern among marketing professionals is… 35:50……”Who […]

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Are you keeping in touch with your database?

We all have those items on our to-do lists we keep putting off because they seem so overwhelming. Maybe it’s cleaning out your oven, or finally organizing your closet. Whatever the task, there’s always a reason to push it off for another day. Or month. Or year. That’s how Judy Szamos, a real estate agent […]

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Prospect Converter

We wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out to our friends over at ProspectConverter. They’ve been integrated with Happy Grasshopper for two years and we’re happy to have them as part of our team! If you’re not familiar with ProspectConverter, they’re a CRM lead location software firm that’s been around for more than […]

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1 How to Shift Upmarket

It’s “growth month” at Happy Grasshopper, and I’ve noticed that many entrepreneurs always spell growth with a capital ‘G.’ For them, nothing is more important than getting bigger, even if that means burning boatloads of cash. This might make sense if you’re building the next big software company, but it equals disaster for most of […]

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1 When Recruiting, Are You Obi-Wan or Luke?

In my last post, I taught you about a common storytelling structure called the hero’s journey and explained how the patterns of exit and arrival can help you become a better recruiter. I used Star Wars as an example and explored what Obi-Wan did to find and recruit Luke. Today, you’ll learn which of the […]

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3 Recruitment Lessons From Obi-Wan Kenobi

In the summer of 1977, I waited outside a movie theater with my best friend, Raj, and the other members of our Cub Scout troop. The line was long and excitement was high. Our group had never been to the movies together and today, we would see Star Wars. It was the first movie I […]

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