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Are Your Old Leads Worth $90,000?

Brent Dalley’s were. We recently ran into Brent at KW Family Reunion; he is a new user and team leader from Arlington, TX. He told a story we just had to share: “Well, I’ve had 270 people unsubscribe from my first message, and I’ve gotten some hate mail.” You might be asking yourself why I’d […]

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E-Mail Marketing’s BIG Problem

You may or may not know this, but e-mail marketing has a problem. Lots of them, actually. But the biggest one is this: NO ONE READS IT. Do you want to know why? Because for years, we’ve all been listening to the same load of hooey about how to use it. We’ve all been trained […]

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Get Your Geeky On With Laurie Davis!

Laurie Davis knows that if you’re in real estate, your time is precious (especially these days). That’s why, when you give her your attention at Inman Connect (and you really should), she intends to make the most of every moment and leave you wanting for nothing. FIRST THINGS FIRST. We would be remiss if, before we […]

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Friendship! Friendship! Just the perfect blendship!

That’s the way Todd Clark sees the relationships he has with his clients and past customers. See, he knows what lots of professionals–no matter which industry they’re in–fail to recognize: people don’t need to be beaten over the head with information about YOU or YOUR JOB. If they’re being treated as friends, they’ll respond in […]

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It’s Not Just A Case Study … It’s a Happy Study!

At Happy Grasshopper, we love things that are fun, friendly, conversational, and altogether non-douchey. But that’s not ALL we’re about. We are fun, yes, but we are deadly serious about the products we deliver. Our messaging may seem simple, but it’s pretty darned powerful. Just how powerful? Well, we aim to show you. And one […]

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Mike Simonsen: Data geek. Provocateur. Rabblerouser.

Mike Simonsen is a data head. No question about it. This is a guy who gets excited by numbers, finds a thrill in a good algorithm, and who sees the elegance in accurate analysis. Yes, the CEO of Altos Research is a geek of the highest order, indeed, but he’s much, much more than that. […]

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