Think Outside The Box? Where Is This Box People Keep Talking About?

Did you know that people actually are more creative when they “think outside the box”? I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. Psychological Science conducted a study where participants were seated–literally–either inside or outside of a cardboard box and then asked to complete a simple experiment meant to test their creativity. The results showed plainly that […]

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The Secrets of The Internet REVEALED: The Best Time To Send An E-Mail

We’ve DONE IT. We’ve uncovered THE TRUTH. We’ve unlocked THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE. We’ve discovered THE BEST TIME TO SEND AN E-MAIL. Really. It’s true. Or not. Look. There are gajillion “studies” out there, performed by people with impressive-sounding job titles like, “social scientist” (and so on and so forth), that talk about the […]

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