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Three Common Home Listing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The housing market can be fickle, and in the slow periods, it can become more difficult to sell homes. The reason that a home sells or doesn’t sell often comes down to the agent’s marketing strategy. Here are three common marketing mistakes that real estate agents make and how to avoid them. Featuring Poorly Shot […]

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The Student Becomes the Master

A few years ago, a student at the University of Tampa called and asked if I’d be willing to serve as his mentor for a class in entrepreneurship. He was bright, articulate, and had an unusual level of focus. I was impressed. He had done his research and made it very easy to say yes. […]

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Quick Tips: Christina Pappas and Ben Schachter

Tips from superagents? We all want those! Here are a few from Christina Pappas and Ben Schachter given at this year’s Xplode Conference. Q: What are some of the characteristics of the most successful agents? A: Christina- Persistent Consistent If what you’re providing isn’t consistent along the way, it’s going to get diluted. A: Ben- Never fill your […]

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Matthew Josefs: Why Millennials Matter

Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y, are the generational demographic following Generation X and the biggest generation in U.S. history. Today, most demographers agree that millennials are aged between 22-37 (born 1981-1996). They are the generation that was raised on technology, they have an unprecedented appreciation for avocados on toast, and they are on the […]

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Gabe Cordova: Secrets of Top Agents

During Gabe Cordova’s session at this year’s Xplode Conference, Gabe, president of Firepoint Solutions, shared his top Secrets to working smarter, not harder. Here are some of his key points: Gabe’s #1 Secret: There are no secrets in real estate. However, there are two things you can master: Operational Excellence: Your Brand You need to be doing everything […]

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Dan Stewart: Seriously Happy Selling

We spend our lives being told what we should WHAT we should want and WHEN we should want it. During his session at this years Xplode Conference, Dan Stewart spoke about how to use this knowledge to win over clients (which just so happens to be part of the content of his upcoming book, Seriously […]

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1 Webinar Replay: The Coaching Conversation

Happy Grasshopper is on SALE now >> CLICK HERE to find out if HG is right for you!In this webinar, mega agent and distinguished coaching expert, Dianna Kokoszka, answers questions about her journey into coaching and why it is so crucial to have a coach to not only succeed in business, but in life.  If you’re looking […]

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