Case Study: Email Replies that Lead to Closings

drip campaigns that Ryan Poppe and Jeff Brown, real estate agents in Durango, CO, are sending from Happy Grasshopper

“I appreciate the email follow-up.  If it’s any representation ofyour agency, then I am sure youwill exceed expectations…”This is an actual reply to the drip campaigns that Ryan Poppe and Jeff Brown, real estate agents in Durango, CO, are sending from Happy Grasshopper. The best part is it’s not the only one. They get replies […]

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Raising the Bar in Real Estate Marketing and Practices

real estate agents are hard working and honest people who know how to market

by: Maya J. Paveza, Happy Grasshopper, Staff Writer; REALTOR®, Associate Broker (DE), and Real Estate salesperson (PA).Please Note: The opinions and views expressed below in this blog post, are those of the author only. They do not reflect those of any other person, entity or company, and no endorsement is implied.There’s enough focus on the […]

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1 Top Ways to Market a Listing in Real Estate

The following tips will help a REALTOR® accomplish precisely that—getting their listings noticed.

Your Real Estate Listing Needs to Stand Out If no one has told you yet, your real estate listing needs to stand out. Oh, heard that before? In many real estate markets, there are plenty of homes for sale. The challenge for a real estate agent is to make sure their listings get noticed. We’ll […]

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Creating Conversations to Gain Conversion: What’s Your Story?

Dan Stewart, John Mangas and Jared James in action! National Association of REALTOR Annual Conference San Francisco 2019

by: Maya J. Paveza, Happy Grasshopper, Staff Writer; REALTOR®, Associate Broker (DE), and Real Estate salesperson (PA).It’s All About the Conversation in the End.It’s funny how long I’ve been focused on conversational marketing without even knowing it. Now we have ChatBots everywhere making life a bit easier when we seek information on services. When I reflect […]

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1 What Is Conversational Marketing and How Can It Help Your Real Estate Business?

If you can't pick up the phone let a chatbot do it. Find out what conversational-marketing is and why it will help your real estate business. Convert more leads!

What Is Conversational Marketing?Conversational marketing is a feedback-oriented approach that utilizes the power of real-time conversation. As conversational marketing builds relationships, it creates authentic experiences for buyers and moves them rapidly through your marketing and sales funnels. Targeted messaging and intelligent ChatBots interact with potential clients as soon as they visit your website. What’s conversational […]

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Being a Real Estate Agent isn’t Always Easy—Why We Do It

Realtor follow-up matters no matter what form of media or channel you are using to communicate

We do it because we love helping people. It’s that simple.In this week’s blog post we focused on tips to help home buyers navigate the real estate transaction. Those tips included useful information for any consumer—whether buyer or seller— to assist them in navigating the early stages of the process. Being a real estate agent […]

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1 Top Rules for Home Buyers Working with Real Estate Agents

Follow-up techniques that work are important for a realtor, get the best ones by saying yes to happy grasshopper

The Home Buyer and Real Estate Agent: The A-Team.If you’re planning to buy a house, engaging a real estate agent (also known as a buyers agent) is a smart choice. With luck, it’ll put you in the home of your dreams quickly—and for a better price than if you undertook the process without representation. It’s […]

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1 Top 10 Essential Follow-Up Techniques for REALTOR®️’s

Follow-up with your audience when your emails are being read your open rate will tell you

The Need for effective REALTOR®️  Follow-Up Techniques Picture this: A REALTOR®️ and a potential homebuyer interact. The real estate agent, who is also a REALTOR®️,  has a good feeling about the possibilities, and yet, somehow, the sale just doesn’t happen. Not only was there an immediate loss of revenue, but now, that individual will never be […]

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2 Real Estate Marketing: Email Marketing Tips and Templates

email marketing is an essential component of real estate marketing

Real Estate Marketing Through Email Is Essential Today, virtually everyone communicates via email. Email marketing is an essential component of real estate marketing. Autoresponders, behavior-triggered email, videos, and email newsletters only enhance its usefulness. The catch is that it’s all too easy for a REALTOR’s email marketing to land in the recipient’s spam folder. You […]

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Real Estate Marketing: 12 Great Ideas

Most Real estate buyers begin their search online

Every REALTOR Needs Real Estate Marketing Every real estate agent wants to grow his or her business, and in theory, it should be easy enough. In 2018, the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) reported that 87% of homebuyers went through a real estate agent to purchase their homes. So it goes, nearly, without saying that […]

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