What To Say Now Episode 53

In his book "How to Win Friends and Influence People," Dale Carnegie talks about the six ways of making people like you. This is a skill that can be applied in any type of business environment, but it's especially important for real estate agents who want to win more often.

What is the best way to win more often? Watch this episode and get ready to win more often.

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Dan Stewart (00:09):  Hello Facebook. It's me, Dan Stewart, founder of Happy Grasshopper and your host for What To Say Now.
Today we have a very special episode and you're going to love this if in your career you've ever run into that, ugh, gross scene. You know what it feels like. You're starting out, you're just amazed you can make a living at all, right? And then pretty soon, you settle into a routine, you know what to expect. And then no matter how hard you try you just keep smashing up against this invisible barrier that you can't seem to get through.
Now whether that's a 2 million dollars in production or 20 million or 200 million or 2 billion in production, it's the same invisible barrier that's stopping you from breaking through and getting to that level of production you'd like to be at. No matter what that level is. And what that barrier consists of are two things. One is your lack of knowledge and two is your lack of time. Right? So think about that. If you boil it down to it's most basic elements, it could be a technology piece, it could be a talent piece. Maybe you need better systems or processes and leverage. It always comes down to just two things. One is your knowledge, and second is your time.
So here's the good news. No matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, those are two things that you have control over. And the more control you take over your time, the better you're able to invest in your knowledge so that you can break through those growth plateaus. So it's really simple. Whenever it is that you're feeling that sense of frustration like, "Ah, why can't we just get to that next level?" You know it's got to be one of those two reasons.
So take control of your time first. Spend a day going back looking at your week. Like carve out an hour right now. Look at the past week of exactly where you spent your time and what you're doing. Now if you're like me, you're going to live your life by the calendar, right? There's a good record of exactly what you did. And then on your phone, you probably get that weekly screen time update. That screen time may be a place where you can immediately carve out a chunk of time to really invest in your knowledge such that you can get to the next level.
So you can probably hear this, I'm kind of stuffy today. I'm just getting over the crud. I've been out. We missed the last two episodes due to this crud I just can't quite seem to shake. So thank you for those of you who are here for sticking with us during the interim. Please tell everyone you know, we've got tons of great recorded content all packaged in these nice little snippets that can help you find the thing you need to say either internally to yourself or externally to the rest of the world to help you get to that next level.
Thanks for joining me, have a great day. Bye.