Getting Real Estate Deals On Social Media
What To Say Now Episode 45

With the real estate market as tight as it is, the best source of business for you today is usually your friends, past clients, and sphere - and all of those people should live inside of your social media accounts. 

In today's episode, we cover what you can post to help you start conversations, serve your clients more effectively, and of course, close more transactions. 

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Dan Stewart (00:00): Hey, everybody. It's me, Dan Stewart, founder of Happy Grasshopper, and your host for this episode of What To Say Now. Today we're talking about social media and what you can say that will cause you to have more real estate transactions. Join me inside.
Dan Stewart (00:28): Hey, everybody. Welcome to this episode of What To Say Now. My name is Dan Stewart, founder of Happy Grasshopper and your host. Today, we are going to talk about what to say on social media that can cause you to have more listings, even in a market that's as tight as the market we're all experiencing today. So let's dive in.
Dan Stewart (00:48): First of all, if you're watching this, let's recognize that you're likely seeing it on social media. So you're already here. Wouldn't it be great if you had a way to know what to really say, what to post, how to behave, what your behavior should be regularly on social in order to create winning outcomes for yourself and your family? So today's episode is designed to clear those things up.
Dan Stewart (01:12): First things first. If you're watching this on Facebook, go ahead and comment below in the Chat. You can do that. Do you have any questions that you need clarified? I will clarify them here. If you're seeing this and you're not already a member of our Facebook group, please go to That's where myself and my team of writers help you by serving you content that you can use literally today to create better outcomes for yourself. So as I've discussed, today's topic is social media and you are likely consuming this on social media, which means that you need some perspective in what you can do to create results. So ask yourself, what is the best possible outcome of posting something on social media? If you ask yourself that question, you will probably say something like, "Well, people would list their homes with me. You know, the market is so tight. If I have more listing inventory, everything would be better."
Dan Stewart (02:14): So you're asking yourself, "Well, what can I post that will lead to getting more listings? Hmm. What could I do that would do that? I know I'll write something about, if you know anyone ready to sell their house, call me." Okay, we're getting a little close there, but this message is going out to a lot of people. You don't know exactly what they're going to see. They may not even know who you are and it doesn't make a lot of sense to just have one question there. You want to broaden it to let as many people come into the conversation with you as possible. So even though I'm a huge advocate of asking people if they know anyone who's thinking of buying or selling or investing in real estate, using that as your opener on a social post is not going to get as much engagement as we'd like. I'm going to show you some alternate content you can use to get that conversation started.
Dan Stewart (03:09): Let's circle back here. Let's cover the framework that we've talked about so far. First, you're already on social media. You may as well be using it to create better conversations for yourself. Second, you know you can use social media to do that. You're asking yourself what could be my greatest outcome from this and saying, "Ooh, it would be listings." So rather than posting just about listing their property, we need to post something that starts that magical thing that happens in between your posts and when you list their property. And that magical thing in between is called a conversation. It's so important. Conversation leads to contracts. Let's recognize that it doesn't matter necessarily what you start the conversation about. The important thing is that you start the conversation.
Dan Stewart (03:59): All right. So now I'm going to share my screen a little bit so I can show you some messages that actually work. I'll show you how I use this strategy myself successfully, and I'll invite you to give it a try for yourself. I am sharing my screen. This should be popped up for you guys where you're seeing this. I'm watching Facebook Live with a lag here to see if that pops up. And I don't see that it has so, but it should so I'll just keep going. Okay. There it goes. It pops up now. So what you're seeing is I have several tabs open at the moment in my own Facebook account. Here's me using this strategy to generate opportunities for myself. I am going to be hosting an online event all about recruitment and, of course, I'm asking social to tell me when they think would be the right day of the week to have that? So I've got all these great answers coming in. They're helping feed my brain and help me do a better job of serving my clients.
Dan Stewart (05:02): What sort of questions can you ask your prospective clients that helps you serve them more effectively? I'll show you another example. Here in the Lab Coat Agents Group, we posted about how one of our quarterly text messages. This is a lead harvesting message we send once every 90 days, contents always different. It produced a half a million dollar listing for a client within moments of sending it out. Look at this, I have 1000 comments on this post. That's a huge amount of engagement to create on this post, which is great because it helps the wizards at Facebook understand that this type of content is what people pay attention to.
Dan Stewart (05:49): So I'll jump over. I'll show you another one. Real estate friends on a scale of zero to 10, how organized is your database? Where here I have 57 comments from agents and I see their answers here in my thread. Some people feel great about it. Most people feel like they're struggling with the organization of their database. This is all really helpful for me because now I know that each of these people engaging are people that I can help, I can add value to their world.
Dan Stewart (06:21): Now let's transition to thinking about how you might be able to use a similar technique in your real estate business to attract attention to your business. Well, I'm going to jump into a Happy Grasshopper account here. You see, we have this section called Social Media Content where my staff creates these kind of messages for you. Look how similar this is. On a scale of zero to 10, how would you rate your last real estate experience? What went right? What would you have changed? If you post that on social, you're going to get lots of engagement from people who had a real estate experience. Of course, you don't just want to observe their post and just Like it. You want to reply to their posts, teach those algorithms at Facebook that you're the kind of person who engages with content. And then, you're going to want to reach out to them in the DM. "Hey, thanks for commenting on my posts." Make a little connection there because it's that quality of conversation you get to have that really makes the difference.
Dan Stewart (07:22): Here's one of my classic favorites. How old were you when you bought your first home? What did it look like? So simple. You might get people posting pictures of their first home. That's awesome. You can congratulate them. There's all sorts of great conversations waiting for you when you post this kind of content. Here, for example, what's your favorite room in your house? Why? Apart from your home, what do you love most about your neighborhood? What's the first thing you look for when you tour a home?
Dan Stewart (07:53): So I want to pull this back. I want to really make sure we're anchoring this so that you understand. We're not asking them if they'd like to sell. We're not asking them if they know anyone who's thinking of selling, we're asking any question about real estate that creates engagement. Some other classic messages are to my friends who own pools. Would you do it again? I love a post around Halloween that has to do with things spooky. Would you live in a house where someone was murdered? You can make that kind of a post and people will jump in. "Oh my God, no." "Oh, I probably would if the price is right." "Maybe, but I don't think my wife would go for it." You'll have all those great kinds of conversations and you have to recognize that it's those conversations that are the value. That's why you need to engage in social media. That's why you need to have a regular plan to reach out to all the people in your database, such that you can engage with them and they're thinking of you as their real estate professional, instead of any of the other million plus licensed competitors that exist in real estate.
Dan Stewart (09:06): So thank you all for attending today. I really appreciate your sharing this time with me, and I'll look forward to answering any follow-up questions you have in the comments below. Bye, now.