What To Say Now: Episode 29
Pain Is A Good Thing

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Dan Stewart (00:14): Hi. Welcome to the session, guys. I can hardly believe this. This is the 29th episode of What To Say Now, 29 episodes. That means for 29 weeks, I've been showing up every Tuesday at 2:00 PM to drop some nuggets and some wisdom and to help guide you towards the achievement of your goals. A lot of that has to do with what we tell ourselves internally, and also, of course, what we say to the outside world. That's the whole premise of What To Say Now, is to take a moment to go through what we need to be saying both internally and externally in order to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.

Dan Stewart (00:55): If this is your first episode, welcome, I'm glad that you're here. You can follow us on YouTube. You can follow us on Facebook, if you're watching this on YouTube, at facebook.com/groups/whattosaynow. My name's Dan Stewart. I'm the founder of Happy Grasshopper. In this group, myself and my team of copywriters monitor the communication issues that you're having and we help you get through them.

Dan Stewart (01:21): Today, what I'd like to talk about is a really very important subject. I was triggered recently, in a very positive way. My wife and I were watching Jerry Seinfeld's show, not the old Seinfeld show that we all know and love, but his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee show, which is super fun for me because I drink a metric ton of coffee on a daily basis and I'm kind of a car guy. I have an old classic, super Beetle, I drive a sports car. I love cars, I love coffee, I love Seinfeld, so everything comes together here. During one of his episodes, I heard him say something really compelling. He said, "Knowledge," excuse me, "Pain is simply knowledge rushing in to fill a gap." Pain is simply knowledge rushing in to fill the gap. The example he used is you get up in the middle of the night, you bang your shin on the end of the bed, ah, it hurts, but really what that pain is, is knowledge of where the bed is that you banged your shin on.

Dan Stewart (02:28): When he mentioned it and he put it in that perspective, I thought about all the times in my life where I've experienced pain. So many, so many times when I've experienced pain in my life, it's because of a lack of knowledge. I'll give you a little bit of my background. I'm a serial entrepreneur. Happy Grasshopper is my seventh company, I've been running it now for a full decade and it still feels like a privilege to get up every day and do this. Yet, this is only possible of all the pain I experienced along the way. I once owned a geo-technical contracting company where a change in the legislature in the state of Florida put a death date on that business, it really impacted us in a negative way. The thing that got me through that, more than anything else, were the relationships that I had in my life.

Dan Stewart (03:23): I promised you in the comments that we'd talk about a question you can ask yourself that will really serve you in making decisions for your business. That question is simply, how can I affordably grow my real estate business? Let's think about that. If you're a brand new agent, you need to know how to affordably grow your real estate business. If you're a super experienced agent, you need to know how to grow your real estate business. If you're multiple years in business, if you've got a team, if you've built a brokerage, you have to know how to grow your real estate business. It's not important just to grow it, it's to grow it affordably, right? Because there's no prize for generating the most revenue. There is a prize, of course, for hanging on to as much of that profit as possible.

Dan Stewart (04:13): I believe that the fastest way you can grow your business is with a simple framework, a very simple framework of attracting people closer to you. You've got those leads that you generate, they don't know you yet. Your job is not to convert that lead, your job should always be to pull that person closer so that you develop a relationship with them. If you make that your goal, instead of simply closing them, you'll find yourself very affordably growing your real estate business.

Dan Stewart (04:44): This is a topic, by the way, that I'm going to cover super in depth tomorrow. We're running a webinar. You can register for it at happygrasshopper.com/webinar. I'm going to show you how to generate 12 contracts for every 100 contacts in your database. This is an important session. We're going to break down exactly what to say, who to say it to, how frequently you should say it, and how to keep that system running over the longterm so that you get to focus on harvesting the fruit instead of just planting the seeds all the time. That's the real plan tomorrow and I can't wait to share with you. Again, go to happygrasshopper.com/webinar and make sure that you get registered for that.

Dan Stewart (05:30): Let's review a few things here, guys. We've discovered that wherever we're experiencing pain in our business, it's because of a lack of knowledge, right? Really, that's what it is. When something really hurts, oh, man, that's an opportunity for us to learn something. If you've ever driven home through your neighborhood and seen another agent sign up in front of one of your neighbor's homes, that's a painful moment, right? If you've ever spent weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks showing someone property outside of a buyer's rep agreement to discover that they've purchased something through someone else, ah, that's a painful moment. In each of those situations, you have an option. You can focus on the pain or you can open yourself to the knowledge that that pain has brought you. Those are areas where you need to improve your business, you need to fix some things, and we're going to cover those things, again, on tomorrow's webinar at happygrasshopper.com/webinar. I hope you'll join me for that. I'll look forward to seeing you then.

Dan Stewart (06:32): Thanks, everybody. Bye now.