Get More 5-Star REALTOR Reviews In 3 Simple Steps
What To Say Now Episode 52

Reviews have become a big part of the "social proof" of success - products on Amazon, movies, and even recipes online. REALTOR reviews are no different - you work hard for your clients and you deserve them!

How can you get more 5-star REALTOR reviews to leverage more clients towards working with you in the future? It really comes down to a simple 3 step strategy that will yield reliable 5-star reviews that you can count on to grow your real estate brand.

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Dan Stewart (00:00): Hey, hi guys. It's me, Dan Stewart, recipient of many, five-star reviews, how cool is that. Welcome to this episode of What To Say Now. If you are here, you are about to learn the three part strategy that will yield five-star reviews that you can count on. So hello to those of you who are attending. I definitely appreciate your being here today. There is a tremendous opportunity for you through the great thing called social proof, right. Any time you're choosing a new product or service, it's almost natural for you to wonder, "Are other people enjoying their experience with this particular brand or company or in your case agent?" Right? So if you're taking great care of your clients, you deserve to get five-star reviews. And yet many of you are not because you don't have a framework in place to make sure that you get them.

Dan Stewart (01:06): So the goal for today's session is to make sure that you're totally empowered to generate those five-star reviews and consistently get them to leverage more clients towards working with you in the future. So let's walk through and cover this format. So you know exactly how to do it. We're going to cover three steps. Okay? Number one is shocking. It's called earn them. If you want five-star reviews, you better start by giving five-star service. That's not too much to ask in this world. In fact, it should be required, make that your personal standard to deliver five-star service to everyone that you have the privilege of working with. And it's hard to go wrong, right? And yet that's not enough just having a strategy of doing a great job is not going to assure that you're going to get those five-star reviews.

Dan Stewart (01:59): So the second step is to ask for them. Shocking, I know, right. If you ask for help, generally people will show up and deliver the help that you're looking for. It's no different when it comes to getting these five-star reviews. So think about the processes that you have in place for your business. A lead is generated. A deal is signed. A contract is authorized. Escrows accepted, inspections are done. There's all these things that you're very good at making sure happen and happen by a specific point in time. The reason you're not generating more five-star reviews is because you've not made asking for them part of your process, in the way that business gets done. So change that, right? You could create an email, a text message. You can make it a standard part of what you do too at this point in the transaction, send a message directly asking for five-star review and you'll start getting them.

Dan Stewart (03:01): Now here's a couple of pro tips related to this, make it easy for the person you're asking to leave that review. Don't leave it up to them to figure out where they need to go and what they need to say. Tell them, write a message that says... I sure would appreciate it if you'd take a moment and share some things about your experience with me. Maybe how we overcame this, maybe how we took care of that, reference things that make sense to them and then give them a link. And to make it easy for you here's where you can leave that review on Google, on Facebook, on Zillow, perhaps, or any other place that you'd like to have that sort of review appear. So that's two of the three strategies here to generate more five-star reviews.

Dan Stewart (03:51): The third one, the third one is so important because you need to develop this like a muscle. It's got to be just that fast, where it happens. Asking for reviews is great in step number two, you also need to react for these five-star reviews. So you know that moment where somebody says these magical words to you, it's two of them. Thank you. That's when you should be triggered, trigger right into action to ask for a review at that point in time. In fact, we've used that strategy successfully at Happy Grasshopper over many years. The setting is a giant trade show where I've been speaking somewhere, we've got a booth set up, we have people working the booth. And people come up and they say things like, "Oh my gosh, I'm your customer. I so much appreciate this and that or the other thing." We're like, "Oh my God, that's great." Outcomes the phone, right. Outcomes the phone and it's time to capture that testimonial in real time.

Dan Stewart (04:54): That's a little bit different than a five-star review. And yet it can be incredibly valuable to have those little snippets of testimonials that you can stitch together. So stitch those things together, edit a nice tight video and then you can include that when you're asking for reviews. Think how powerful that is. To give you an idea of the sort of things we'd like you to say, here's a link where you can watch some things that other people have said about us. That's meaningful, right? It takes just a moment, just a moment to make that part of your process. And when you consistently implement those three steps over time, there's no outcome other than ending up with a bunch of five-star reviews. So let's go get them, everybody.

Dan Stewart (05:41): Again. My name is Dan Stewart. Thank you for watching this episode of What To Say Now, what to say now to get those five-star reviews. If you're watching this on YouTube or an any other source than Facebook, please go over to and join our group. And of course, if myself or my staff can help you in any way shape or form, please reach out to us. You can place a message in this group and we'll respond. And if you'd like to meet with me personally, I'd be very privileged to do that. Just reach out to me on Facebook. We'll have a little chat and schedule some time together. Have a great afternoon. Thanks for watching. Bye.