May 19


Why I Am An Entrepreneur

May 19, 2017

By Dan Stewart, CEO

Journeys of a Curious Mind

I’m blessed (cursed!) with a curious mind. I’m an avid reader. I like to try new things. I’m drawn to challenges. I expect to improve over time and I’m willing to risk failure. I’ve survived some nasty situations and I’m not very bothered about following convention. I tip heavily towards half full and I’m stubborn. And flexible.

Many things capture my interest, while providing no certain career path. It’s obvious to steer a 6’6″ seventh grader onto the basketball court but what about a kid who’s constantly signing up for new activities only to drop them after a short while?

Like Father, Like Son

My 13 year old son has a long list of past and present activities including swimming, club soccer, karate, gymnastics, motocross, skateboarding, piano, guitar, drums, jewelry making, golf lessons, tap dancing, acting classes, web design, videography, computer animation and (whew) magic. Honestly, I’ve left some out.

We tried to get him to focus on one thing, but it’s just not possible for him. He’s too hungry for new experience. He can’t wait to “find out”. This was driving me crazy until my wife pointed out that he’s just like me. Aha! Key learning.

Resist the tendency to think of the entrepreneur as savant. Guys like Zuckerberg, Gates, Jobs, Brin and Page – geniuses all – are not just “wired in”. Their enormous talents are informed by a lifetime of curiosity, investigation and experimentation.

My name doesn’t yet belong in the same blog post with those guys except in the context of entrepreneur. Yours does too if you’ve ever had the guts to see some pain and try to do something about it. If you’ve departed the false safety of a job for the false safety of self employment. If you’ve looked at the world and wanted to make it better.

That’s why I’m an entrepreneur.

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