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Wendy Forsythe: Shoe-Lover, Beach-Loving Yogi, Shape-Shifter

Wendy Forsythe: Shoe-Lover, Beach-Loving Yogi, Shape-Shifter

Somewhere between the East Coast and the West Coast, Wendy Forsythe found her soul. She’s come a long way in the time since she left her position at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate to take on a new role with Carrington Real Estate and on that path, she’s discovered a whole new way of life.

First things first.

Wendy is a woman of vision. And of great shoes, natch (we’ll get to that later). But I digress. This vision has enabled her to become an expert on how to grow brands & put them in their best possible light. She was there to help build the presence of BHG, and now she’s helping to make big differences at Carrington. When the firm, previously known as Atlantic & Pacific Realty, decided to consolidate and rebrand its image, it was Wendy who took the reins and led the charge. She spearheaded the campaign that was designed to give the Carrington brand more continuity & power overall. Pretty neat stuff, to be sure, and she’s only just getting started.


Working with Carrington, however, is just the tip of Wendy’s iceberg (not that she’s remotely frosty, of course). She relocated from the East Coast to Santa Monica Beach and is living the seaside life she’s always dreamed of.

Wendy says the best part of each day for her is on her approach home, situated just three blocks from the beach. She reaches the top of the hill and can see the blue Pacific stretched out before her. At that moment, any stress she’s got just melts away. She makes her home with partner Dustin, his kids, and sweet pooch named Charlie. Together, they romp on the beach, take in the sights, smells and sounds of the ocean, and do a pretty impressive amount of sport, too!

Running Down A Dream. 

Wendy, who’s a huge fan of yoga (and Santa Monica Beach makes a fine locus for such endeavors), has recently become an avid runner, too. She runs races on her own, with Dustin, and even with the kids (she loves being a “bonus” mom). She says, too, that she loves the parallels there are between running and business. Running is an individual sport in which you’re challenging yourself. How well you do is really up to you, she says. It’s about discipline and commitment. When you give these things to either running or business, you find success. And in that, there is joy.

Putting her best foot forward.

Any talk with Wendy Forsythe that didn’t include a mention of extraordinary footwear would be an incomplete profile, indeed. This is a woman whose footwear sends (and I can speak only for myself and my female compatriots here) most women into a frothy frenzy. Never ostentatious but always high-flash, Wendy knows foot couture like few others do. When you meet her, keep your ears open (because she’ll fill your head with smarts), but make sure to check out what she’s got on her feet. You’ll be amped for both.

Change is good. Wendy is a vibrantly happy, shining example of that. Get to know her, as she’s rebranding her companies, rebranding herself, rebranding her life. 


Editors Note: Since this blog post was published, Wendy has gone on to become the President of T3 Broker and currently serves as the COO of HomeSmart International.

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