For Established real estate Agents and Teams ONLY

These Companies Choose Happy Grasshopper


At Happy Grasshopper, we work with real estate professionals who need to reach the next level in their business. This includes experienced agents as well as teams who are focused on attracting and converting leads, expanding their customer base and increasing revenues.

“I just closed a seller side that came as a direct results of the first group of leads that I imported into Happy Grasshopper. I did not know that person at all prior to her getting the e-mails from me via HG!”
- Dar Vosburg, Broker/Owner, Home Run Realty, Mankato, MN


Our system works best for real estate agents and teams who are certain of themselves and who they want to attract. We'll listen to you, learn from you, and create custom content that produces measurable results.

We'll take the time to understand how you're unique and special, and then we'll write and deliver the content needed to help you break through your growth plateau.


An existing database of at least 500 people

A lead generation plan and budget

Past clients who love them

Mindset of a business owner

Goals that motivate them

Embraces the HG ethos


rookies or part-timers (use this plan instead)
People who don't like people
People who believe in 'shiny objects' or 'magic solutions'


Because we know exactly how to help them win in real estate and
life is too short to work with those who aren't the right fit.

The next step is to schedule your one-on-one consult with us. 

HOW our system WORKS

You will need to complete the Happy Grasshopper application that will ask you 10+ questions relating to you and your team.

Once received, one of two things will happen…

1) If our leadership committee feels as though you may be a good fit for the system and our community, someone from our team will schedule a call with you. Don’t worry — there'll be no pressure to make any immediate decisions. You can take your time, as long as availability still exists (we do limit membership so our success coaches can focus properly on those committed to the program).

2) If we don’t think now is the right time for you or your team, or that we can’t be helpful to you, we will let you know kindly and will try to direct you to some helpful resources.

Additional FAQs

Can I add more contacts to my account?

Yes! For all accounts except for Chirp.  The cost for adding additional contacts is $10 for each 2,000. 

Can I get extra text messages and voicemail drops?

Yes! For all accounts except for Chirp.  The cost for adding additional text messages and voicemail drops is $50 for each 1,000 

Can you help me convert more leads into clients?

It's our specialty! Our custom lead conversion campaigns can be added to the Convert plan to help you close even more transactions. See our Premium Add-ons section on our Pricing Page for more details.  

Can you help me recruit agents to my team? 

For sure! Our custom recruitment campaigns can be added to the Convert plan to help you recruit and retain the right agents to your team or brokerage. See our Premium Add-ons section on our Pricing Page for more details.  

I need help! How can I Contact You?

Our Chirp™ and Nurture plans have access to our Support Knowledge base which will answer most of your questions. If you are unable to find a solution to your problem, simply click the "Contact" button on any page of the Knowledge Base to submit a support ticket. Our Success Team typically responds to all inquiries in under an hour during regular business hours (Monday thru Friday from 9am-5pm Eastern).

Our Convert plan does have access to phone support options in addition to the other help options already mentioned. Please contact your Dedicated Success Coach for assistance. 

How Effective Is this? What results should I see?

We would tell you it's awesome, but of course we are biased. Check out what others have said on our Testimonial Page

Can I give Happy Grasshopper to my team members?

Absolutely! Our Team features allow you to give individual accounts to your team members that live within your Team account.  Pricing depends on how many agents you how many agents you are adding to the platform and bulk discounts may be available.

Do you offer any white label options? 

Yes! If you are looking to white label any of Happy Grasshopper plans, we'd love to chat about the opportunity! Please click below to schedule a call with one of our Business Coaches who can help to determine if a white label solution is right for you. 

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