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Steven Pacinelli – What is your online reputation?

Steven Pacinelli – What is your online reputation?

91% of people believe peer reviews – Nielsen Research

People are searching for reviews online and picking the people they do business with because of it.  These are sites that are already ranking you.


Example –
(it appears first on Google for Real Estate Agent Reviews)

  • The Good – an agents who has 80 reviews with positive reviews has gotten 6 leads from Incredible Agents in the last year.  She emails her past clients and asks them to review her on this site.
  • The Bad – if you Google your name these reviews will often appear first.  If you only have one and it is bad, it is going to cause problems for you.  (Tip – make sure to counteract a potential bad review by making sure that you have lots of positive ones.)

Tip #1 – Use to find out which ranking and reputation sites you should be using.

Tip #2 – Use to aggregate your reviews — add them to your website, email, Facebook, and Craigslist ads.

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