(Stephen Schweickart is the co-founder and CEO of VScreen, the nation’s leading video services company within the Real Estate industry.)

The Power of Video

  • Over 50% of all internet traffic is Video.
  • Video is 53 times more likely to rank you on the first page of google than any other content.

A Different Video Perspective

Most people think of video in the terms of home tours and testimonials.  Think about becoming the local resource for local content with information videos. Here are some ideas on how to drive traffic to your site with video:

  • Try how to’s:  give you home more curb appeal, how to pick a good real estate agent, how to get pre-qualified for a mortgage.
  • Host neighborhood tours
  • Interview local shops and restaurants
  • Cover events and local attractions
  • Make a monthly video newsletter with info on upcoming events in your area

84% of the video rankings on Google come from Youtube, if you put up content, put it up on Video.

How to do it yourself:

(Tip – If you hire a freelancer make sure to get 3 professional references, make sure to draw up a contract with them, pay half up front/half on delivery.)

  • Keep it under 2 minutes
  • Use a tripod to give yourself a solid shot
  • When you pan and tilt – keep it slow
  • Try to stay away from Zooming
  • Audio – Get an external mic – this will make a huge difference
  • Lighting – The difference between a good and bad shot

Stephen’s Equipment Recommendations:

  • Playtouch (great economical camera)
  • Tripods – monopod is a great way to get a clear shot
  • Studio Umbrella Lights – (give you a great glow can pick one up for $100)
  • External Mic – can buy online

Make sure to make videos about what people are Googling!


(Stephen is now the principal of Schweickart, LLC.)

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