Scott Dixon – Integrated Marketing Is Common Sense

Scott Dixon – Integrated Marketing Is Common Sense

Take advantage of everything available to you to reach prospects.

Today’s consumers are multi-taskers.  We don’t live in a one-dimensional world, don’t get caught up in the latest thing and forget that your consumers are engaging in a variety of new and old activities.

Where do you get most of your leads?

  • Referrals
  • Websites (Gaining more and more share of the pie all the time)

How did people find your website?

Most people couldn’t answer this, it is critical that you know and spend money where things are working.

Driving Traffic to Your Website – What Zappos and Google are doing:

  • Lifestyle magazine
  • Direct Mail (Google uses direct mail to drive traffic to the web)
  • Billboards
  • Television
  • Sponsorships

Don’t forget that while the web is becoming a more and more important place to prospect, you shouldn’t have a one dimensional marketing strategy.

Great slide available on the strengths and weaknesses of different media for marketing available by email from

Web marketing and lead generation are not the same – here are some differences:

  • Web marketing will result in traffic and audience.
  • Lead generation will result in an email or phone conversation.  (Measuring ROI on lead gen is easy, calculate how much you spent divided by the number of leads.) – get ideas from other agents about what is working in new media and old media for them.