How this brokerage met their annual recruiting goal in just two months…

Liv Real Estate is a brokerage in Edmonton, Alberta whose #1 priority is amazing customer service, and they only bring agents onto their team who value the same thing.

Liv Real Estate in Edmunton, Canada

Their brokerage is in fact pretty special.  Sheldon and Sara have created a system where they provide ALL of the business and leads for their agents…and they’re so good at it that everyone stays busy.  In turn, their agents only have to focus on the customer — not on numbers, not on lead generation, and not on advertising.  Their main priorities are good service and building long-term relationships with their clients and each other.  And when they recruit new agents, they want professionals who value the same things.

But the real estate agents their email marketing recruiting was attracting were all wrong.  They would interview one person after the next who were only focused on numbers and splits, rarely finding someone who would fit into their collaborative, service oriented culture.  


Not to mention, the email marketing messages they sent had low open rates and an inconsistent send schedule.  Sara and Sheldon wondered how many people were actually seeing the benefits their brokerage had to offer.  The only agents who seemed interested in their team were those who, right at that moment when they received the email, wanted to leave their current brokerage.  

Needless to say, recruiting was a struggle.  That’s why they chose to work with Happy Grasshopper for a recruiting email marketing campaign…and we mixed up their entire approach.

First and foremost, we changed the purpose of the campaign.  It was not to send a message that described everything at once, in a statistical tone, with the intent to convert someone the moment they opened it.  We wrote custom conversation starters, in Sara & Sheldon’s tone, that highlighted different benefits of their brokerage.

Our system also took the remembering and planning off their plate, so they too could focus on the customer-service culture at Liv.  Now, they don’t have to think, “Oh!  It’s been three months since we’ve sent a recruiting email.”  Our system sends their messages on a consistent basis for them, keeping them top of mind with agents in Edmonton (and their open and click-through rates have greatly improved because of it).

Now, instead of receiving requests for a few interviews right after their messages are sent, Sara’s inbox fills up with inquiries.  Some real estate agents simply request for more information, others ask for specific details on Liv’s systems, and all of the responses work to Sara and Sheldon’s benefit.

The people whose first question is, “What’s the commission split?” are ones she knew wouldn’t be a good fit — they care too much about the numbers, not the relationship.  She knows that those who ask about the culture, ethics, and service expectations are people who would make for great candidates.

It saves her time, and the messages have attracted many more agents who identify with the same values and approaches in real estate as the Liv brokerage.

When interviewing these caring, client-focused people, one of the most common questions asked is, “What systems do you have in place for staying in touch with your clients?”  

When Sara tells them that the messages they responded to were part of a CRM, and they use the same one with their clients, everyone is sold on the spot.

Now, two months since Liv Real Estate’s HG Recruits campaign launched, Sara and Sheldon have met their recruiting quota for the entire year.  At one point, they wondered if they should put a hold on their campaign because they weren’t prepared for further growth — but they realized that if it attracted an agent who was a phenomenal fit for their culture, they wouldn’t want to turn that person away.

Overall, their custom HG Recruits campaign has saved them time, made their recruiting process more efficient, and produced outstanding results.  

If you need help with recruiting, whether it be to save time, have better results, attract the right people, or all of the above, take our assessment.  We’ll be in touch with you soon.

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