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Ricardo Bueno — Get More out of Your Real Estate Blog

Ricardo Bueno — Get More out of Your Real Estate Blog

If Ricardo was starting a digital presence today, this is what he would do:

  • Make it incredibly easy for people to search for homes – Buyers are coming to your website for this, make sure they can do this.(Diverse Solutions provides a wordpress plugin that adds home search to your blog.  Instead of an iframe, it turns your website into a listing feed.)
  • Lead Capture – Try Popup Domination for an easy way to grab leads.  Note- promise something like a free report in exchange for their address
  • Get Local – Not everyone is looking to buy right now.  You also want to sell your community and yourself.  Give people content they want to read and they will! (Check out clarkecountyrealestateguide.com for ideas how.)
  • Sit down and do a self audit – Is it easy to navigate? Can people easily find your contact information and get in touch with you?  What are the most important pages on my website and are they easy to get to?

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