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Rethink. Refocus. RETSO.

Rethink. Refocus. RETSO.

Real Estate is a fascinating industry to swim around in; we’re constantly learning from and getting inspired by our customers there. We find that y’all are some of the most ardent businesspeople we get to work with and we love that each and every one of you is willing to do and try just about anything to make your businesses not just successful, but take-over-the-world awesome.

That’s one of the reasons we’re proud to sponsor RETSO.




The brainchild of Brad Nix, Mike Pennington, and Ben Carter, RETSO is a real estate conference like no other. In years past, its primary focus was on technology and the ways that its tools could help simplify the business of real estate, how it could make things easier, better.

This year, they’re looking at things in a completely new way. They’re stripping the event down and promise you won’t need anything more “technological” than a pencil and a steno pad.

RETSO reinvents itself.

This year, RETSO is bringing you a way to map, discuss, design, and invent new ways to do business. This year, they’re bringing you a new way of thinking: they’re bringing you the Business Model Canvas.

The Business Model Canvas is a tool in which we believe with all we’ve got. It’s the tool with which we built our business; it’s the tool that’s helped us to become successful; it’s the tool that will help our business grow.

We want you to have the SAME success!

That’s why we want YOU at RETSO. You need to be there, to get a fire lit under your backsides about the Business Model Canvas, to learn from your peers, to share experiences, and to walk away energized, with passion exploding from your eyes and ears and belly (we realize that all sounds a bit messy, but you get the idea).

We’ve got a deal for you, Happy Grasshopper customers. A sweet deal.

In the comments below, tell us why you should be at RETSO. Tell us what drives your passions. Tell us what you hope to gain. Tell us why you, above anyone else, should paint your vision on the Business Model Canvas. We’ll take a look at your answers and choose our 5 favorites. Those 5 will get full-conference passes to RETSO, on us. If you’re not a customer yet, it’s easy; we’d love to have you on board!

We couldn’t believe more strongly in RETSO, in the Business Model Canvas, or in you.

So, let’s hear it! Get us your answers by NOON EDT on Thursday, March 21. We’ll be selecting our winners that afternoon! We’ll see YOU at RETSO on April 4-5.

UPDATE: Thanks to EVERYONE who responded and told us why you wanted — NEEDED! — to be at RETSO this year. We’ll see you all this week!

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