How Email Has Put Over $100k in This Salesperson’s Pocket

How many sales are hiding in your database?

Renee Musicus made over $100,000 on accounts she would have lost had she not stayed in touch with them through Happy Grasshopper.

"I've made over $100,000 on accounts I would have lost had I not stayed in touch with them through Happy Grasshopper.”

—Renee Musicus
Energy Consultant & Broker,
Gold Star Energy Group

The problem: Finding balance

As an energy consultant and broker with Goldstar Energy Group, Renee was constantly trying to find a balance between bringing in new business while maintaining relationships with the clients she already had.

“The energy business is extremely competitive,” Renee says. “As time passed, I knew I was losing prospective business.”

Renee was also concerned that clients who were already in long-term contracts would forget about her when the time came to renew. She knew she needed to find a way to keep her name in front of these people – she just wasn’t sure how.

The solution: Automated, fun and friendly email content

Happy Grasshopper's professional copywriters made generating new business, while keeping in touch with past clients, a breeze for Renee. Having the messages go out automatically was a huge bonus.

“I've made over $100,000 on accounts I would have lost had I not stayed in touch with them through Happy Grasshopper." Renee adds, “It’s a great way to stay in front of prospects and customers you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.”

The cherry on top: Joyful and excellent service 

​Not only is Renee thrilled with her sales results – she’s also extremely pleased with the “joyful and excellent customer service” she receives whenever she needs anything. That’s why she never hesitates to refer colleagues to Happy Grasshopper when they’re looking for new and creative ways to connect with their database.

We Write

Our writers create timely, interesting messages that start conversations.
Unlike other services, no single recipient ever gets the same message twice.

You Choose

Stop struggling with what to say!
We prompt you when it's time to pick a new message for your past clients and sphere of influence. You can edit if you like or add a PS line.


People Reply

From your very first send, you'll get positive replies that lead to more referrals and sales.
All replies go directly to your regular email inbox.

Ready to get started?

Who knows? Right now there could be people in your database about to buy, sell, or invest with another agent.

Isn't it time you tried Happy Grasshopper?

What to Expect with Happy Grasshopper

We do the hard stuff. You enjoy better relationships and more sales.


setup is fast and easy

Happy Grasshopper imports, organizes and de-duplicates contacts from wherever you keep them. Our software makes it easy, and you'll be ready to send in ten minutes or less.




Since 2010, we've delivered hundreds of millions of messages, which means that we have a MASSIVE pile of data. With HG, you can always be confident that the messages we've curated for you will generate positive replies.

Fun & Friendly or Serious and Professional...

Happy Grasshopper has you covered!


you'll get positive replies with every send

Our combined membership earns over $1 billion dollars per year in commission.

How many sales are hiding in your database? Many of our members find transactions from their very first message.

What You Get With Happy Grasshopper

Here's the quick view of exactly what you get when you purchase Happy Grasshopper:

Fast Results

Happy Grasshopper works fast!
Our members report positive replies, and even sales, from their very first send. Getting started takes less than ten minutes.

Ease of Use

Our software is simple and intuitive.

No matter how comfortable you are on the computer, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to have success with Happy Grasshopper.

Strong Support

We have a dedicated support and development team here to help when you need it. For advanced users, we even have an API that connects us with hundreds of other services.

Total Flexibility

​We believe in earning your business one month at a time. This means you can start and stop with us whenever you choose, and we even have a 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Massive Message Library

Fresh, relevant content for all the people you need to keep in touch with, including content for email and the social media platforms of your choice. All refreshed 26 times per year.

Sphere Messaging

People who know you don't want to feel "marketed to." That's why we write and deliver messages that look and feel like personal communication.
We recommend 17 sends per year.

Social Media Library

Copy and paste our social media content into the platforms of your choice. We recommend a minimum of 5 posts per week. There's PLENTY of content to choose from!

Past Client Messaging

Past clients should be your largest source of referrals but, of course, that's dependent on your ability to stay in touch! We recommend 17 sends per year.

Market New Listings

Do you have a new listing that you're ready to share with the world? Just grab one of our templates and share it.
Send it to leads and other agents as needed.

Market Open Houses

Spread the word about your open house to leads and other agents. Just choose a template and add details like the date, time, and location.
Send as needed.

Custom Signature Builder

Happy Grasshopper makes getting a beautiful email signature as easy as filling out a form. Your options are limited only by your imagination.

Fast and easy to use!

Write Your Own Blasts

Once you're using Happy Grasshopper, you can write and send a message anytime you choose. This is a great feature that means you won't need another service!

Here's what's NOT included:

No Hassles

With Happy Grasshopper, everything is easy, automated, and an unbelievable value, too. You can start and stop your membership at any time.

No Contracts

Happy Grasshopper is a monthly service that renews automatically for as long as you'd like. Most members stay for more than 4 years!

No Time Wasting

Once you're using Happy Grasshopper, keeping in touch is effortless. In just a few minutes per month, you'll be finding new opportunities!

The Lazy Habit that Will Boost Your Business on Autopilot

(even if you're not a lazy person.)

Most unsuccessful real estate agents are lazy in an undisciplined way. However, most highly successful real estate agents are "lazy" in a smart way. Here's an example of the smart kind of lazy (and if this is all you do, you'll thank your lucky stars that you picked up Happy Grasshopper):

Whenever you meet a new person, make a habit of adding them to Happy Grasshopper. You can do this in seconds, right from your phone. Then they'll automatically receive a "first touch" message from you. This makes you instantly memorable and helps you stand out.

That's it.

Do absolutely nothing else and you'll still get results.

You don't even have to think about it because Happy Grasshopper will automatically include that person in your next keep-in-touch message. As a real estate professional, you meet hundreds of people a year. How much business do you think you're losing because of poor follow up?


Per month + NO SETUP FEE

Fresh, relevant content updated 26 times per year

30-day money back guarantee. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime. 


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Over $1 BILLION in commissions generated for salespeople at organizations like these...

It's your time

Join the thousands of folks who use Happy Grasshopper
to start more conversations and earn more sales.

100% Total Happiness Guaranteed

We've built Happy Grasshopper to be as awesome and useful as possible. And to get you results. If we fall short of this goal in any way, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact our friendly support staff and we'll send you a refund, no questions asked.


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