Refund Policy

Last Updated March 13, 2017

Happy Grasshopper provides its service at your discretion. You can cancel any time and request a refund as described below.

Month-to-Month Plans: Happy Grasshopper offers a month-to-month pay-as-you-go service. You can cancel the service at any time and you won’t be charged again. If you are dissatisfied with the service you may request a refund for the last billing cycle. When upgrading/downgrading from one plan to another, a pro-rated refund will be issued and then you will be charged for the new plan at time of upgrade minus the refund.

Annual Plans: Happy Grasshopper offers annual pricing plans. For special offers that include free months of service, these free months distributed across the price of the plan. (Example: if you buy three months and get three months free, your paid months would be calculated based on price divided by total months.) Refunds are limited to the unused portion of the plan.

Free Account: No credit card is required to establish your account, and no charges will be incurred for this account type.

Custom Writing and Setup Charges: The initial investment you make with Happy Grasshopper allows us to provide the time and expertise necessary for your success with our system. Our capacity to provide these services is in high demand, and by deciding to engage us, you acknowledge that the time we’re allocating to serve you is finite and cannot be resold. For this reason, there are no refunds for these services.

Accounts that begin as an upgrade from a free account are immediately upgraded and your initial months’ charges are processed immediately.

Account Changes: You have the ability to make account changes at any time. All billing changes result in a partial refund for the current plan and a reset of the billing cycle.