Before you finish you real estate business plan for 2021 be sure to include an annual communication plan to convert contacts to closings.

It's THAT Time of Year for a New Business Plan

Every fall, real estate agents everywhere roll their eyes and begin the long, arduous —sometimes painful— process of developing an annual business plan.

Ah, the joys of planning, organizing, calculating, and then implementing a business plan. While these diligent agents get down to business, there is often an element that leaves many pondering the fate of their business. Tucked within the pages and calculations of the business plan is the strategy to attain those lofty —and sometimes unrealistic— massive lead generation goals.

Lead generation is the one component of a real estate career that an agent cannot succeed without; it's that important. As part of an annual business plan, most agents create a "realistic" strategic approach to acquiring new business. The most common methods are via open houses (yea, that's not as easy in the age of COVID-19, is it?) and, of course, sign calls. Short of paying astronomical amounts of money to various websites for leads, what's an agent to do?


It's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy as one annoying assistant I had used to say. You communicate with your sphere, past clients, and leads. Yes, I know you have heard that all before. I'm an agent too; I feel you, and I "feel" you, but the reality is without contacts, we have nothing, no career, and no business.

When we first start in real estate, the hardest part is building your book of business. Brokers, coaches, and trainers all tell us to build our database, cultivate our contacts into lead sources, but how the heck do you go about doing that? We make phone calls, send postcards, emails, and hold "client" events, but we still see "those people" who list with another agent. Why not me?

It is all about building rapport and a relationship with those folks in your database. It's not as tricky as I always thought it was, especially if you have the right tools in your agent toolbox. How do you build rapport and relationships with people? By having conversations.

How do you have conversations with people? You see them, you call them on the phone, you send a text, Facebook posts, all those things can start a conversation. Do you have enough time in the day to converse with ALL those contacts in your database? I know I don't. Shoot, I hardly have time to talk to my kids (ok, so sometimes that might be a choice – they ARE teenagers). Let's get real; it's a no-win situation.


What we've all been missing is an essential part of our business planning; it's a key component to achieving any of the goals we've established in the plan. We need to create a strategic plan for communicating with the contacts that live in our database.

A database is a lot like a houseplant. You've got to feed and water it, talk to it once in a while, give it enough sunshine to flourish. You have to nurture a plant, and a database is no different, so why aren't you nurturing your database?

Well, here's your easy-peasy, we've made an Annual Communication Plan for you to use. Why? Because we get you. Happy Grasshopper isn't like many vendors; we have real estate agents and brokers that work for us and understand how a real estate professional thinks and operates. We don't just try to sell you products; we offer you stuff that works because we've tried it ourselves. We road test our system, and we've had over ten years of other people road testing it too, and it works. 

Get your free copy of the Happy Grasshopper Annual Communication Plan. Then be sure to check out our new product we're launching soon— Chirp™. If you're ready to mine for gold in your database (or existing contact lists) and convert contacts to closings, we've got the affordable solution. We also have scalable solutions, custom solutions, and even white-label solutions.

We've got your back, and we know you've got ours. Thanks for being a part of our journey. We're so glad to be a part of yours.

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You've got opportunity right in your current contact list and database. If you are serious about your business you need to get serious about your communication. Grab your FREE Annual Communication Plan and get busy!

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