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Don’t let unproductive agents just quit and stay. 

Tell them to Park it!

License holding, referral networks, and new revenue opportunities for brokers with unproductive agents.

From adiós amigo to hola dinero! We help brokers turn their agent loss into referral networks & new revenue.

We'll help with:

  • Agent Retention
  • Agent Training
  • Getting Referrals
  • Saving Time & Money
  • Increasing Revenue

Many brokers just let unproductive agents quit and stay. But this drains your time, money & company resources. 

Tell these agents to Park it! and start turning your agent loss into referrals and revenue.

Did you know 87% of all new agents quit real estate within 5 years?
While most brokers need to focus their energy on recruiting top-producers, you simply don’t have the time, money, or resources for unproductive agents. Of course, without any guidance, most of these agents just let their license expire or go inactive.
But you worked hard to recruit these agents, invested hundreds of hours & thousands of dollars. Don’t just let them quit and lose their license. Tell them to “Park it!”. Plus, when you consider that most brokerages lose 10%-15% agents annually, they miss the opportunity to build a referral model because there’s no “Plan B” to help struggling agents.

At Realty Park, we give these agents all the tools, training & support they need to make referrals. As their sponsoring broker, these referrals are sent back to you! Stop missing out on dozens of referrals every year, each worth thousands of dollars in real estate commissions. Schedule your free consultation today!

How it Works


We retain your agents at risk of leaving real estate


We train these agents on how to get more referrals.


Their referrals are sent back to your brokerage


Increase your revenue while saving time & money