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Pat Kitano on the Future of Real Estate Technology

Pat Kitano on the Future of Real Estate Technology

Pat Kitano runs a national hyperlocal community that helps real estate pros create a powerful presence.

Trends of where Social Media is headed:

  • Social Commerce (Groupon)
  • Social Discovery

The problem with social media marketing is that it is transactionally inefficient.

Solution: Engage 100% of your community deliver breaking news for a community, automate your social media, utilize social commerce (Groupon and

Real estate agent awesome idea – make a Groupon Offer – $25 for $1,000 cash at closing when buying or selling with Your Real Estate company.  A brokerage in Chicago did this and got 219 leads.

Really Neat idea that everyone needs to know about it is going to disrupt the hospitality industry and disrupt real estate because of that. will allow you to rent any home or room by the night you want.  This is going to create a completely new source of revenue in real estate.  Use this to offer your services to people relocating to areas, give your investment buyers new opportunities.

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