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One incredible secret that will have people asking to join your email list…

One incredible secret that will have people asking to join your email list…

Like any good real estate agent, Freda Hamlett knew the value of staying in touch with her database.

So every month, she’d send out the typical real estate newsletter filled with market updates and home improvement tips. And what happened next?

“Not a whole lot,” said Freda, who lives in North Carolina. “It was basically just white noise in the background, and the interaction was zero.”

Then one day, as she was scrolling through Facebook, she noticed a Happy Grasshopper ad featuring a testimonial from mega-agent Ben Kinney. “If he’s using this system,” she thought, “maybe I need to look into it, too.”

Freda was immediately intrigued. She loved the idea of being able to send fun and friendly content to her sphere and felt the Happy Grasshopper messages were a much better fit for her personality than anything she’d used in the past. It was a no-brainer – she signed up and never looked back.

That was two years ago, and Freda couldn’t be happier with her decision. Her emails have a consistent open rate of at least 25 percent, and people aren’t just reading – they’re responding.

She’s even had people approach her at events who want to be added to her email list because they’ve heard how much fun her messages are. In other words, they’ve helped her carve out an identity in a space with a lot of competition.

“People know who I am, and they love getting my funny emails,” Freda said. “It really creates a conversation and keeps me top of mind.”

The only drawback, Freda jokingly says, is when she sends out messages offering to take people out for coffee.

“I just don’t have enough time for 14 coffee appointments,” she said.


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