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You know what? I LOVE talking to our customers. LOVE it. Do you know why? Because they are awesome and hilarious and quirky and fun and SMART. They never fail to make me laugh or to get me all amped up with their enthusiasm for life, their work, and, of course, for Happy Grasshopper (which is pretty cool).


That’s just one of the many words I could use to describe Joseph Diosana, a customer of ours who hails from Houston, TX. Joseph met Happy Grasshopper at Keller-Williams’ Mega Camp back in August ’12 and has been using it ever since. Wanna hear what he has to say about it? C’mon. You know you do.

“It’s just so obtuse and random!”

That might sound like a strange compliment, but we love it! We think it describes our service exactly. And that’s what the good Mr. Diosana said first attracted him to Happy Grasshopper. He was looking for another way to stay in touch with the folks in his database–people he’d met or done business with before, but that he knew didn’t want marketing emails cluttering up their inboxes. He wanted to send something that wasn’t selling and that wasn’t totally ego-driven. And so, his story began. 

HG: So, Joseph, tell me about the first time you used Happy Grasshopper.

JD: Oh, yeah! I got all set up & uploaded about 500 names from my CRM (which probably had about 2000 people in it at the time). I sent off my first message and I SWEAR … in five minutes, I had, like 35 replies. That was crazy! I really wasn’t expecting that. I responded to all the messages and then thought, “Man! I’m gonna have to keep track of when Happy Grasshopper message goes out, so I can make sure I have time to respond to all of the replies!”

HG: Do you remember what the message was about?

JD: HA! Yes. I remember it WELL. It was all about ambergris, which is whale vomit! Crazy. Apparently, ambergris is this prized stuff and is used to make expensive perfume. I saw that and said, WHAT? And I laughed. I figured if I was really going to test out this system, that’d be the message to do it with. And it totally worked.

HG: That’s awesome! I think I’d be pretty likely to respond to a message like that, too. What sort of response have you gotten for the messages you’ve sent since?

JD: Well, it depends on the message, but I’d say it averages between 20-40 replies per message. And that’s just awesome. That just doesn’t happen.

HG: Tell me a little bit about your background. How long have you been in real estate?

JD: I’ve been at it for about 7 years. I used to be in software consulting. My first year, I made about $200,000 in commission income–which seemed pretty good to me–and now I work exclusively on referrals. In 2012, I did 46 transactions and am on pace for far more than that in 2013.

HG: Wow! You said you were in software consulting. Does that make you some kind of tech geek?

JD: HA! Yeah, something like that. I LOVE gadgets and toys and apps. Actually, lots of my colleagues come to me to ask what tools they should be using–they want to know what the latest thing is & how to improve their process. So, a few agents signed up with Happy Grasshopper–some of them actually get my HG messages–on my recommendation and I just got a message from one of them. He’d been chasing this one customer around for about 5 years and got no response from him until he sent a Happy Grasshopper message. It made him laugh, so he responded. And the agent got a million-dollar listing out of it. That’s pretty awesome.

We think Joseph’s pretty awesome. We think that him thinking we’re awesome is awesome. Know what else? We think you’ll think Happy Grasshopper is awesome, too. Because you’re awesome. And THAT’S awesome.

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