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Nik Nik on Do This, Not That

Nik Nik on Do This, Not That

  • Become Part of the Conversation – You need to be where the conversations are taking place, having conversations – NOT… Broadcasting Challenge – Next time you are on Facebook, pick 3 people you want to stay top of mind with and comment on their posts.​
  • Become an effective mobile agent – NOT… Tied to your desk Challenge – If you are waiting for the next smart phone or tablet to hit the market before you get mobile – just do it now.  Pick one app that will improve your business and download and use it today.
  • Become a content creator – This is challenging, but will be the best thing you do for your business this year – NOT… Content Regurgitator Challenge – You have a unique perspective and have had unique experiences.  Share yourself, not other people.

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