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Matt Lobb on Going Mobile for Real Estate

Matt Lobb on Going Mobile for Real Estate

Matt Lobb, VP of technology at Exit Realty, talks about getting mobile.

Agents have lost control over the data.  Consumers feel like they are more educated and know more about the product than you.  In the next 5 years, mobile internet access will surpass the desktop.  If you can control the mobile space, you will have a huge advantage over your consumers.

Matt’s favorites – Tablets

  • iPad – (Try split browser)
  • Motorola Xoom

5 Uses for Tablets

  • Data on demand  (Try Flipboard)
  • Real Estate Search (If your MLS doesn’t work on your tablet use Log Me In)
  • Planning and Calendars
  • Presentations (If you are still using a flipbook – tablets make presentations pop)
  • Video (On your tablet, you can document quick tours and email in minutes)

Favorite Apps

  • – try the draw function
  • Readdle Docs – it will let you use and manipulate documents
  • Sign My Pad – use to fill in contracts in seconds and email with signatures
  • Mortgage Calculator for Android
  • Evernote – take your notes and organizes everything — FAST
  • Dropbox – Free cloud storage that gives you access to your documents anywhere and syncs them across all your devices (Tip, refer a friend, get more free storage)
  • CamScanner – Take a picture of any document, save as a pdf, and email
  • Hootsuite – Manage all your social media on your mobile device and schedule posts in the future – FREE

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