Jonathan Rivera’s Top Secret Strategy for Success on Search.


  • Phone
  • Idea
  • Time

Blog Talk Radio is an application that you can produce a radio show online for free.  It also ranks amazingly well on Google and will get your content found.

**Note the reason to do this is that you will get a lot more Google Juice and get found much more easily with content on sites like Blog Talk Radio and iTunes.

  1. Produce your show – (there is a free option for this.)
  2. Take the link you got from Blog Talk Radio, upload it to BluBrry (wordpress app) and you will instantly appear in iTunes.
  3. Then, make a written transcript – (You can make a long form transcript.)
  4. Post your long form transcript to sites like Scribd and Doc Stock
  5. Then take your long form transcript and break it up into 4 pieces — post each of these pieces with a link back to your website on your blog, ezine, squidoo, and other blogs that will accept content.

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