Jeff Turner – Who is Succeeding and Why?

Jeff Turner – Who is Succeeding and Why?

Crazy fact – “In local search Yellow Pages is still the #1 used tool!”

Here is what is working for some top agents:

  • Using Facebook – Heather Elias (@locomusings) markets her Facebook page as her name.  All she does on Facebook is mimic the content she puts out on her blog.  Her blog content is an 80/20 mix of local content and real estate related articles. (Will everyone be successful with Heather’s strategy – no!  Yup, that is what he said, no — Heather)
  • Using Video – Brian Copeland (@nashvillebrian) uses clients ambassadors to speak about their neighborhoods.  This builds a bond with his clients, gives him great content, and gets him found.  (Brian was built for video, he loves it and it works.)
  • Using Location – Mathew Shadbolt (@corcoran_group) — follow them and they will explain exactly how they are using their location strategy for success.  They put 15,000 helpful tips on 4square and now have 10,000 followers. (They own NYC because of this!)  This works in New York, but won’t work in a small town…everything they do is to help you navigate the city.
  • Twitter – Jeremy Hart (@nrvliving) — uses twitter to listen and learn.  He uses the tool to learn from other real estate professionals.  Twitter is the greatest listening device that has ever been created.
  • Blogging – Jay Thompson (@phxreguy) — (NAR says the average realtor gets 4 leads a year from their website.) Jay gets 500 a month!  Now he is a broker with 31 agents. — start learning!

These strategies work for these people because they work their butt off!  Want to be successful, find the technology that is perfect for you.  If you love what you are using than you will actually use it.

Oh, and Grasshoppers are naturally happy and smiling without facial muscles – sorry it is a you have to be there!