The beginning. That’s a good place to start, isn’t it? That’s what Julie Andrews taught us during The Sound of Music and it’s no different when it comes to setting up your account with Happy Grasshopper (you can even hum “Do Re Mi” while you’re doing it).

The first three notes just happen to be …

Not “do-re-mi”, but “UPLOAD. YOUR. CONTACTS.” But how do you decide who to include in your Happy Grasshopper list? Should it be Internet leads? General passers-by? Friends? Who gets the nod?

Real Estate Marketing kept simple

The answer is easy.

You should include anyone you’ve actually met or spoken to. It’s that simple. People in your Sphere of Influence, your customers from “ago” (or as my daughter calls it, “then time”). As long as you’ve had some contact and you’re not sending messages to people out of the blue, it’s all good.

“But I love Happy Grasshopper! I want to send to err’body!”

We do NOT recommend this. The reason, put simply, is that it might seem a little odd … random … possibly downright creepy to get a friendly, conversational, super-fun message from someone you’ve never spoken to.

Happy Grasshopper will be successful for you if you sing the right tune.

If you keep your distribution list to those who you know, not only will your response rate be better, but your opt-out rate will be lower, too. It’s true. There’s no time like the present to get started. The sooner your Happy Grasshopper list is populated, the sooner you’ll be busy responding to all of your replies. We promise it’ll put a song in your heart.

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