Julie Farmer just started a new business under the name “Live Love Savannah,” a real estate brokerage whose vision is to offer superior service to its clients and community. She has built a supportive infrastructure that frees agents to focus solely on their customers’ needs. Now, she is seeking to build her team with people who share that vision — people who love working with others, go above and beyond for their clients, and have a deep passion for real estate.

Here was Julie’s problem: devoting her attention to finding those special individuals was something that took time, time that was needed for strengthening her new brokerage and she didn’t want to dilute her focus or sacrifice the quality recruits she sought.

The Solution: A Recruiting Campaign from Happy Grasshopper.

When Julie learned about Happy Grasshopper’s personalized, custom-written drip email recruiting system that made it easy to express her personality, her company’s culture and explain the benefits it offers, her interest was piqued. We talked extensively with her about her vision, and created a campaign that presented the many positive facets of the Live Love Savannah brand to a pool of local agents.

Upon the campaign’s rollout, responses began to ping into Julie’s inbox almost immediately…and their first new team member just started this past week!

Julie says of her new agent Brooke, “She’s GREAT! We love her. She’s young and a natural fit for us and a real go-getter. And we got her from the very first message we sent! We think that’s pretty great ROI, you know? The response to the messages has been amazing–I think we had an open rate of more than 40%, which is huge. And to reach a demographic like Brooke’s–getting someone who’s young and tech-savvy to respond–well, we are just thrilled.”

“You captured exactly what we want our company to be,” Julie said. “These messages have helped us start REAL conversations with people we want to have as parts of our team. And we just loved how y’all worked! You listened to us, you were thoughtful about your approach, and you nailed it. The messaging sounds just like us; we couldn’t be happier with it.”

Now, the exact same campaign is continuing to reach out to other agents in their area — completely automated, so Julie can focus on her business (at the moment, they’re working on new agent orientation).

Julie Farmer and the whole Live Love Savannah team are HG believers. They are proof positive that taking a human approach WORKS.


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