Fun. Easy. Effective. That’s Happy Grasshopper!

Our clients love us and we love them right back!

Keep in touch with your sphere by sending timely, interesting messages they'll actually read. The best part- you don't even have to write them.

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Katie Maxwell

"I can't think of another system I would rather recommend to my agents. Within about 60 days of my office starting to use Happy Grasshopper we had $3 million in pending sales ... One of my agents had lost these people completely. Then they received one of her Happy Grasshopper emails. They thought it was hilarious. They called her and within a week they flew her out to Mexico to sign the listing agreement."

Jennifer Kjellgren

"I got a million-dollar listing appointment and a request to list a 16-unit condo, both as replies to Happy Grasshopper messages. I don’t want to take a chance on those past customers forgetting about me. Oh! And I actually just added a team member who’s using Happy Grasshopper. He’s sent just one message and got three opportunities from it, so he’s just thrilled."

Lisa Archer and Laurie Davis aka 'The Geeky Girls'

"We've been sending them to our past clients. I particularly love it when you see someone in public and they tell you that they love the new emails. Recently, we have had several past clients send us referrals. We know HG is a tool we won't part with anytime soon.”

Kim Knapp

"With Happy Grasshopper my database is getting something interesting to read, fun to share, and it's every 3 weeks. The percentage of people that open the email and respond is incredible. Why wouldn't you use it?"

Joseph Diosana

"I got all set up & uploaded about 500 names from my CRM (which probably had about 2000 people in it at the time). I sent off my first message and I SWEAR ... in five minutes, I had, like 35 replies. That was crazy! I really wasn’t expecting that. I responded to all the messages and then thought, “Man! I’m gonna have to keep track of when these go out, so I can make sure I have time to respond to all of the replies!”

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