Getting Happy with The Geeky Girls!

Getting Happy with The Geeky Girls!

Were you listening?

Laurie Davis & Lisa Archer–North Carolina’s very own “Geeky Girls“–just gave a knock it-out-of-the-park webinar with friend of Happy Grasshopper, Jimmy Mackin, and the fine folks over at DotLoop.

What was this hour of full-on webnitude about, you ask?

In short, it was about success. Specifically a HUGE amount of success. Laurie & Lisa, who run a 28-person real estate team in North Carolina, are on pace to write 5000–that’s right: FIVE THOUSAND–offers for their clients this year. That’s a massive amount of work and a ton of information to keep track of. So, how do they do it? With nearly 30 team members, a boatload of clients, and a crush of data, how do they find the time to do any work in the middle of all that work?

As it happens, they’ve got a stable of great tools that they use to help manage it all. And, as it happens? One of those tools is Happy Grasshopper.

They say, for them, Happy Grasshopper is the best way they’ve found to keep in touch with their past clients & friends–it helps them stay connected to the people who know them, the people they’ve worked with, and those, more importantly, they want to work with again. It helps them be consistent and to make sure that when those folks need their services again, Laurie & Lisa will be the first people they call.

As to the question, Jimmy asked, of how to reconcile (for so many sales people) the fact that Happy Grasshopper’s messages don’t SELL (in fact, they do anything BUT), The Geekies say just this: “Happy Grasshopper’s messages sound like the way WE talk and how we want to be talked TO. The messages are just fun; they’re interesting and do more to help us curate the relationships that bring us business than any other system we use.”

And that makes us very, very HAPPY.

For more information about Happy Grasshopper and how to get started, click here. And as an added bonus? For information about all of the other great services Laurie & Lisa talked about, including …

Floorplan Online
Real Satisfied
Better Voicemail
Market Leader

Just visit (you might even find some great deals there! HINT HINT, wink wink!)