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Gary Ashton

My team’s volume grew from $184M to $236M. Happy Grasshopper was a huge part of that growth. We have leads that are completely unresponsive, then suddenly they reply to one of our Happy Grasshopper emails.

Kris Lindahl

Real estate has always been a people business, but technology can make it feel robotic. With Happy Grasshopper, I get the best parts of automation, and I get to showcase my personality. It's great for making real human connections.

Ben Kinney

A huge reason behind our growth is that leads I generated years ago are still closing. Happy Grasshopper equals ROI for my team.

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Sara MacLennan

We met our annual recruiting goal in the first two months!  
I love Happy Grasshopper!

Ryan Tollefsen

I was aware of Happy Grasshopper for years, but didn't think we needed it. Now I know, I should have done this years ago.

John Mangas

Happy Grasshopper's positive and powerful email content has proven to convert strangers into appointments.

"I absolutely LOVE HG and Dan Stewart. This is one of my most fav ways to stay in contact with my SOI! I average 40% open rate on each email send! I get the nicest responses from people in my SOI that I thought were too busy to read anything I sent them in the past."

Susan P. Director of Distressed Costal Properties

"Happy Grasshopper makes it easy to stay in touch with clients!"

Martin L. Regional Director at Columbus Health and Wellness

"Happy Grasshopper is terrific! I am hearing from prospects who I thought were no longer viable. I consistently receive feedback and comments from each edition I use. I recommend it, but don't let me competitors know about it"

Arne S. Cash Flow Analyst / Account Executive at Transworld Systems Inc.

"Extremely effective product. A great way to stay top of mind with your clients and prospects which is especially important in the self-employed voice over business"

John L. Voice Over Talent and Owner of VoiceOverGenie.com

"Great response rate. My first e-mail campaign produced a 10% response rate and all favorable conversations surrounding the topic. I love the easy set up and the fact that I can add my own contacts whenever I need to. Affordable and easy to use. Kudos!"

Jan G. Committee Chair, Residential Green Building

"I've been using Happy Grasshopper for over a year now and I love it! Every time one of the emails goes out - my phone starts ringing, or I get return emails. Fantastic way to stay in touch with my clients. Highly recommend this program!"

Missy H. Realtor at Coldwell Banker

"Love love love HG! Best way to stay in touch with clients and the best part...the emails are non-real estate related and genuinely interested Cost is minimal and I've gotten 2 deals in the last 2 months alone. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Cherilyn J. REALTOR (Real Estate agent) and TEAM LEADER at ZipRealty

"One needs to walk a very careful line between keeping in touch with clients and not bothering them too much. Happy Grasshopper allows me to do that and often with a very entertaining story to pass on to my clients."

Dave W. Union Actor at SAG-AFTRA

"My email just went out. I received 15 responses. I got a response from a potential client saying that he received my email and will be coming into town in 2 weeks to buy a home (he lives out of state) and wanted to work with me exclusively since I kept in touch with him."

Lake Forest, IL

"I LOVE Happy Grasshopper!!! Happy Grasshopper's Customer Service  is outstanding!! I always receive a prompt response and if more assistance is needed I feel like I can call and get a real person on the phone almost at any time."

Jacksonville, FL

"Something amazing just happened - I made over $17,000 in commission during my first month!!"

Beaverton, OR

"This past week I got an email back from a potential buyer whom I followed up with thanks to your service -get ready for it- NINE times before I got anything back. He was ready to look at places. In the past I would have NEVER followed up that many times. Your service is an important piece of my follow-up."

York, PA

"I've had two e-mails sent out so far, several contacts have emailed me back... this is a good idea for people (like me) who have a difficult time staying in touch with past clients and even friends."

Safe Haven Realty

"I heard from 4 clients so far. It's only the first email! Love it! Thanks so much. :-)"

Huntington Beach, CA

"I have been having so much fun with these. People loved the mother's day message that you sent. I like the low-keyed approach to staying in touch."

Yorktown Heights, NY

"Happy Grasshopper provides a great way to develop a presence in the minds of those who are part of one's sphere of influence without being intrusive. I'm enjoying my Happy Grasshopper service!"

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