Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I get started?

Visit our PRICING PAGE and select the plan that is right for you. We'll email your login and you'll be sending your first message in just a few minutes! 

How often are my messages sent? 

This depends on the plan you select and the types of contacts you have. People who know you, like past clients and sphere, should get 41-touches per year via Chirp™. 

Can I approve or edit my email before it's sent? 

Of course! You'll get an email from us letting you know that new messages are ready for your review and approval. Every message can be edited!

What is your email open rate?

Happy Grasshopper has an average email open rate of 38.6%, which is almost double the traditional open rates reported for the real estate industry. Our emails are fun and engaging and people actually WANT to open and interact with them! 

Does Happy Grasshopper send Handwritten cards?

Handwritten cards are an a la carte option for all account types, starting at $3.85 per card, including envelope and first-class US postage.

do text messages come from my phone number?

No. We establish a new number of your choice to remain compliant with regulations. Reply notifications and incoming calls will be forwarded directly to your phone automatically.

What is a ringless voicemail drop?

It's your voice, delivered to the voicemail boxes of your contacts, without their phone ringing. It appears as if they missed your call.

What's your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all new accounts. No refunds are offered after this date or for custom content.

is my information safe?

Absolutely! Your personal and client information is stored on our secure servers and we will never share or sell your information with anyone. You can read our full privacy policy here.

Your billing information is also secured by multiple layers of bank-grade security to ensure a safe, worry-free transaction. 

Chirp™ FAQs

What is Chirp™?

Chirp  is designed as an automated nurture system for your sphere of influence and past clients ONLY utilizing our trademarked Annual Communication Plan format. Chirp keeps you top of mind by utilizing email, text messaging, and ringless voicemails to help you generate more referrals and repeat business. 

What is included in Chirp™?

Nurture up to 250 clients using a set schedule:
17 emails per year (approximately every 3 weeks) and
6-12 text messages and 6-12 voicemail drops per year.  

When do text messages and voicemails get sent?

Text messages and voicemail drops are sent every 3 months as a quarterly check in, one on the contact's birthday, one on the transaction anniversary, and up to 6 specific holidays that you select. 

Can i send additional emails/texts/voicemails?

Our Chirp product does not allow for sending additional emails, text messages, or voicemail drops. If you wish to send more often than the Chirp package allows, you would need to upgrade your account to our Nurture or Convert packages. See pricing here

Can I Add additional contacts to my account?

If you have more than 250 contacts that are true sphere and past clients, then you probably need to move up into one of our larger plans that gives you more flexibility. See our other plans here

What Info do I need To Have For my contacts?

Our system only requires an email address to add a contact, but since this system is designed specifically for your sphere of influence and past clients ONLY, you should be able to add much more information. Name, cell phone number, birthday, and transaction anniversary dates can all be added to the system for highly personalized touches. 

Can I send handwritten cards through Chirp™?

Yes you can! Handwritten cards are an ala carte purchase for all of our account types, including Chirp. They are an amazing way to make an impression on your Sphere of Influence and past clients! 

What results should I expect from Chirp™?

Results vary depending on how engaged you are with your contacts. On average, our clients generate between 2 and 12 transactions per year for every 100 contacts they communicate with regularly through our system. 

Additional FAQs

Can I add more contacts to my account?

Yes! For all accounts except for Chirp.  The cost for adding additional contacts is $10 for each 2,000. 

Can I get extra text messages and voicemail drops?

Yes! For all accounts except for Chirp.  The cost for adding additional text messages and voicemail drops is $50 for each 1,000 

Can you help me convert more leads into clients?

It's our specialty! Our custom lead conversion campaigns can be added to the Convert plan to help you close even more transactions. See our Premium Add-ons section on our Pricing Page for more details.  

Can you help me recruit agents to my team? 

For sure! Our custom recruitment campaigns can be added to the Convert plan to help you recruit and retain the right agents to your team or brokerage. See our Premium Add-ons section on our Pricing Page for more details.  

I need help! How can I Contact You?

Our Chirp™ and Nurture plans have access to our Support Knowledge base which will answer most of your questions. If you are unable to find a solution to your problem, simply click the "Contact" button on any page of the Knowledge Base to submit a support ticket. Our Success Team typically responds to all inquiries in under an hour during regular business hours (Monday thru Friday from 9am-5pm Eastern).

Our Convert plan does have access to phone support options in addition to the other help options already mentioned. Please contact your Dedicated Success Coach for assistance. 

How Effective Is this? What results should I see?

We would tell you it's awesome, but of course we are biased. Check out what others have said on our Testimonial Page

Can I give Happy Grasshopper to my team members?

Absolutely! Our Team features allow you to give individual accounts to your team members that live within your Team account.  Pricing depends on how many agents you how many agents you are adding to the platform and bulk discounts may be available.

Do you offer any white label options? 

Yes! If you are looking to white label any of Happy Grasshopper plans, we'd love to chat about the opportunity! Please click below to schedule a call with one of our Business Coaches who can help to determine if a white label solution is right for you.