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Happy Grasshopper’s unique follow-up platform provides a flexible, effective solution that will ensure your salesforce is communicating your brand message correctly and consistently to their future and existing clients.

Happy Grasshopper is a trusted communication platform for many top 100 franchises in North America

In the competitive franchise space, it is absolutely imperative to support your owners with simple turn-key solutions that enable them to be successful as fast as possible. The number 1 way to do so is to encourage them to go out and sell!

Features Tailor Fit to Your Needs

Capitalize on your community's most valuable resource

Work with our follow-up experts to define the most profitable audiences in your teams databases. Our platform makes it easy for your salespeople to organize their database and then send the messaging we will custom build for each group on a monthly basis.

Easily manage bulk communications

Write, schedule, and send messaging in minutes for every member in your organization to their individual databases. Choose to send from you or them. Your members will have as much or as little access as you choose.

Ensure your brand message is communicated correctly each and every time

Custom written templates will give your team members professional follow-up tools that help them book more appointments, promote events, add value and position themselves as industry experts.

Gain valuable insights to maximize your ROI

Our easy to understand reporting gives you the insight you need to better serve your team and clearly communicate the value you bring to potential new associates and franchisees.

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