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Database 101

Take The Relationship Ratio™ and learn to leverage your database

You've heard "your database is your business" and "there's fortune in the follow-up," and you're not getting the results you should. Why?
Three reasons: 1) Organization 2) Content 3) Consistency

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Database 102

Take From Contacts to Contracts™ and begin converting more of your leads

You've heard of ponds, fishbowls, shark tanks, and dozens of other terms like 'speed to lead'– but which strategies are right for you? And which can really help you convert more leads?

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Database 103

In The Myth of Recruitment™ you'll learn the strategies our top clients use to win in every market condition

Your splits, model, culture, leads, training, and branding are worthless until and unless you're positioned correctly. This class is for anyone looking to grow their real estate organization.

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This class is a Headcount Accelerator and will reset your expectations and erase limiting beliefs!

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