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13 Ways to Build Your Database

Your business IS your database Do you ever wonder how some people build amazing businesses, while others (who are just as capable)…don’t? Or how some people thrive in ANY market condition? The secret is in a quote I once heard: “The quality of our lives is the quality of our relationships. Business is no different.” […]

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1 Webinar Replay: The Coaching Conversation

In this webinar, mega agent and distinguished coaching expert, Dianna Kokoszka, answers questions about her journey into coaching and why it is so crucial to have a coach to not only succeed in business, but in life.  If you’re looking to take the steps needed to get to the next level (and find out what those […]

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Webinar Replay: Kris Lindahl Part Two

  Don’t have an hour? These 5 clip-notes will get you to the good stuff: 14:05… Kris shares his favorite tool for success and how to use it (the right way) 35:50… Dan and Kris go in depth about the two crucial things needed to convert leads 44:20… How do you make your skills and […]

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Webinar Replay: Kris Lindahl Part One

Crunched for time? These 5 clip-notes will get you to the good stuff:  03:34… Dan and Kris share the five things you need to be doing to get you to the top 15:50… Dan and Kris let you in on their secret to being confident even when you don’t have the answer 23:15… Kris reveals the one […]

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1 Webinar Replay: Maximize Your Database

We know you probably don’t have an hour; these 5 clip notes will get you right to the good stuff:  12:00……The most critical thing Ben thinks you should be doing for your business. 23:38……The number one concern among marketing professionals is… 35:50……”Who should be in your database,” you ask? Dan and Ben have the answer. 47:00……Get Ben’s script for […]

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Stop Being Afraid and Start Closing More Sales

When I started my home search I contacted 50 real estate agents in the Tampa Bay area.  I only received 42 phone calls and 92 emails from my inquiry over the next 12 weeks.  In short, real estate agents just aren’t following up with leads. This webinar explains why I think they aren’t using the […]

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