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5 Great Emails

Your customer database should be your most valued asset.  You can slice it and dice it in a million ways (maybe even a million and one), but there, sadly, is one part of it–a part that often sits there, glowing brightly like a neon sign on a roadside motel–that most people flat-out ignore. We’re talking […]

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Rethink. Refocus. RETSO.

Real Estate is a fascinating industry to swim around in; we’re constantly learning from and getting inspired by our customers there. We find that y’all are some of the most ardent businesspeople we get to work with and we love that each and every one of you is willing to do and try just about […]

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EWW! What’s that … SMELL?

::sniff:: Do y’all smell something … rancid? Like … the fetid stink of a carcass rotting in the hot summer sun? Yeah. I smell it too. But I don’t think it’s yesterday’s garbage. It’s the stench of REALLY bad marketing. This morning, we happened upon this post from Marc Ensign: meMarketing & the Worst “It […]

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Pudding is AWESOME.

I mean, seriously. What’s better than pudding, right? If Bill Cosby taught us anything, it’s that pudding is the mystical power that bonds societies, brings about world peace, and quiets unruly children. Oh! And pudding is also where the PROOF is. See what I did there? YES. The PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. That’s what […]

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Who Wants To Be At RETSO? Apparently, YOU do!

RETSO is changing everything. This year, RETSO is taking the new, super-high tech, shiny, hot, flash-in-the-pan muck and tossing it straight into the circular file. THIS YEAR, they’re turning the Real Estate conference on its ear. THIS YEAR, they’re stripping things down and teaching people how to create a business that makes sense for them. […]

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Who Says Serious Business Can’t Be Fun?

Really? Who said that? Who made that rule? Since the dawn of time, salespeople have been trained to sell … ALL THE TIME. Sell at work, sell in your messaging, sell to your friends, at your coffee shop, at the grocery store, your gym, your mom’s house … you get the picture. I’m not sure […]

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A Marvelous Dance

This morning, I was greeted by a marvelous dance of shadow and light – a gift for the soul. What pleases your eye most? The spectacle of color or the discovery of the barely visible? The darkness or the light? In this interplay of pixels I find a reminder of our unknowingness. For these questions, […]

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As Good Guys Go, Jay Thompson Is Among The Goodest

In the interests of full disclosure, I’m gonna throw this right out there: Jay Thompson is one of my favorite people in LIFE. You could walk a lot of miles around this big, blue marble we call “Earth” and be hard-pressed to find a better man or a truer friend. Now. There are lots of […]

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