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REALTORS® Need Different Email Marketing Tactics

REALTORS® know that their database is an essential component to their success in the industry Staying connected with their contacts will lead to new business and exponential growth because it establishes them as likable, active professionals in their community.  The best way to start working with contacts is to begin with an understanding that they […]

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Friend-Zoning Your Marketing: The Cuttlefish Method

Cuttlefish are brilliant creatures.   They can change the colors of their skin so fast that sometimes it looks like they’re shooting electric rainbows up and down their skin.  It’s such a beautiful display — the males use it to attract their mate, and the biggest male who shines the brightest wins the female’s affection. […]

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How to Convert More Leads Using the Hot Sheet

An easy way to deepen communication with your people-base. In the past few months, we’ve built a feature into our system called the Hot Sheet.  It’s a transparent reporting system for our clients, showing how well their Position-Me and HG Recruits campaigns are working. Everyday at 5:00 AM the Hot Sheet will populate with the past […]

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Seth’s Blog: Three marketing lessons from Broadway

Who knew that Broadway had so much to teach us about our marketing efforts?  Here’s some food for thought for you: “It turns out that activating people who already like you is far more productive and profitable than it is to spend time and money yelling at people who are ignoring you.” How to attract […]

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