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Happy Grasshopper’s Excellent Adventure

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.” Whether or not you recall this quote from the super-duper 80s classic “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, it kinda captures the spirit of what’s happening here at HGHQ (that’s Happy Grasshopper Headquarters for those of you playing along at home). While we wouldn’t necessarily classify our super-secret […]

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Is It In Your Nature To Nurture?

Treat your customers like human beings Nurturing. That’s a warm & fuzzy word, isn’t it? It totally is, and that’s the way you want your customers and clients to feel when they think about you: warm & fuzzy. When you’re nurturing someone, you’re caring for them. We do this for our families and for our […]

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2 It’s Really All About Relationships

Building your business by strengthening relationships For Bill Risser, VP & Director of New Media and Education at Chicago Title, business is all about relationships. When it comes to technology, he hears lots of people talk about things the “have to” to: we “have to” have a mobile app; we “have to” have a website […]

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How to Convert More Leads Using the Hot Sheet

An easy way to deepen communication with your people-base. In the past few months, we’ve built a feature into our system called the Hot Sheet.  It’s a transparent reporting system for our clients, showing how well their Position-Me and HG Recruits campaigns are working. Everyday at 5:00 AM the Hot Sheet will populate with the past […]

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Stop Being Afraid and Start Closing More Sales

When I started my home search I contacted 50 real estate agents in the Tampa Bay area.  I only received 42 phone calls and 92 emails from my inquiry over the next 12 weeks.  In short, real estate agents just aren’t following up with leads. This webinar explains why I think they aren’t using the […]

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